It's The Third Day And He Is Risen!

  • By Pastor Sophia
    Happy easter!

    Those three days must have been the longest and most horrific period in the life of Jesus. He went through the most excruciating pain, agony, rejection, humiliation, strain and torture known to man, all at the same time.
    His agony was on all three levels, spirit, soul and body.
    He felt the pain of rejection in His spirit when He bore the sin of humanity and His Abba father forsook Him. Click To Tweet
    He bore emotional torture when men jeered at Him, laughed Him to scorn, lied against Him, spat on Him, humiliated His very being. Click To Tweet
    His body bore unimaginable pains as he was mutilated with the Roman scourge, they laid stripes on His whole body. No part was spared. Click To Tweet
    All these went on all through Friday. Friday must have been so long a day. A day where His disciplines wondered and Hoped endlessly, will something happen supernaturally?
    But No, nothing happened. Jesus actually passed through all these and there was no deliverance - so it seemed.
    But glory to God! It's the third day.

    The third day when all that seem to bring shame is bringing the greatest victory ever known to mankind.
    The third day of triumph of life over death.
    The third day of God's resurrection power.
    A day of God's ultimate love demonstrated.
    The chains that held man bound broken and shattered. The third day of liberty, freedom, mercy and grace. The third day of man's authority restored.
    The good news is that Jesus did all these for you and me, if you believe in the power of this third day, the resurrection day. The day Jesus earned the victory. If you believe in the power of His shed blood, the power of the 39 stripes, the power of His pierced side, the power of the crown of thorns He wore, the power of the shame He bore, the power of the empty tomb. If you believe in all these, then truly you are victorious.
    I don't know what you are passing through right now. No matter how far away it is from victory, remember the third day will always come.
    There is always a third day for every believer that believes. Every one who focuses on the example of Jesus. Click To Tweet
    Every delay you are facing right now will give way to dreams accomplished.
    Delay in fruit of the womb. Delay in contract or job. Delays in dreams coming to pass. Delay in admissions. Delay in marital fulfillment. Delay in Ministerial fulfillment, all will find accomplishment in the resurrection power.
    Because He lives, we can face tomorrow victoriously. Click To Tweet
    Every form of frustration, pressure or entanglement will give way in the mighty name of Jesus.
    He is Risen. Glory to God.
    It is Resurrection morning. It is a Victorious Easter.

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    I have Resurrection power


    Lord, quicken my mortal body in Jesus name    

    Romans 8:11 (KJV)  
    But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

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