The Mercy Cure For Your Relationship, Marriage and Life

  • There is something about the mercy of God.
    David knew that without God’s mercy, he was on his own.

Mercy is what can suspend judgement.

As we wait on God in these seven days, one of the things we are asking for, for you and for us is His mercy that endures forever.
    Psalms 90:14 (KJV)  

    O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
    Ohhhhhhhhhh satisfy us….
    It isn't just a statement.
    It is a passionate cry of prayer unto God.
    That what I can have at twenty-five, don’t let me wait till I am fifty! Click To Tweet
    Satisfy us early!
    Concerning relationship and marriage, don’t let me wait endlessly, let your mercy speak for me!
    I may not have been perfect, but Lord, your MERCY!

    I may not have qualified, but Lord, your MERCY!
    The car you can drive at twenty, why wait till you are sixty!
    Mercy Lord!
    The salvation I can experience at twenty, why wait till I am fifty, after wasting so many years on frivolities and irrelevances?
    Mercy Lord!
    You see, the mercy of God disgraces delays!
    Oooooooooooooooooo, satisfy me early….
    It is a cry emanating from the depths of your being.
    It is an effectual FERVENT prayer…
    It is not the prayer you do while you are also on Facebook!
    It is a heart cry of faith and trust for a change of status…
    Mercy Lord!
    Let your mercy speak for me.
    Let your mercy distinguish me!
    What will this mercy do?
    It says “…that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.”
    There is something in God’s mercy that will make you glad all the days of your life.
    There is something that mercy can achieve in your life today that you will refer to for the rest of your life. Click To Tweet
    There are captivities that mercy can swallow and your mouth will be filled with laughter and your tongue with singing!
    Did I hear you scream MERCY?
    Mercy, Lord!
    God told us He will open the heavens and He will send His help. And that is why we are waiting on Him in these seven days. 

    Mercy, Lord!
    It is only the mercy of God that can make you get married before the end of this year to a good spouse and yet you have not met anybody now!
    It is the mercy of God that can frustrate the token of liars, disgrace the wisdom of the experts and turn it into foolishness!

    There are some things that should happen in your life now before you are older!
    I n fact, Amplified version puts it this way
    Psalms 90:14 (AMP)  

    O satisfy us with Your mercy and loving-kindness in the morning [ now, before we are older ], that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
    Kai! Before we are older!
    I don't know about, but I want it NOW!
    Mercy, Lord!
    The Message Translation says:
    Psalms 90:14 (MSG)  

    Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we'll skip and dance all the day long.

A surprise is coking your way in your relationship, marriage, finances, career because of His mercy!
    I like you to get ready!
    I am certain something is happening in this season!
    Get ready for what God will do!
    Keep praying, let your seed be in the ground, stay clear of all offenses and bitterness and participate in the fasting and prayers! Make sure you check the prayer points and use them!
    I see God’s mercy availing for you!
    I see God’s mercy separating you from the crowd.
    I see heaven born possibilities that have their root in God swallowing up every impossibilities in your life! Click To Tweet
    Get ready, dear people. Get ready for what God will do and is already doing!
    Mercy, Lord!

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    Have mercy on me!


    Satisfy me early with your mercy   

    Psalms 90:14 (CEV)  
    When morning comes, let your love satisfy all our needs. Then we can celebrate and be glad for what time we have left.

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