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Declarations of Faith, Help, Mercy and Open Heavens

  • As we continue waiting on God, declarations are part and parcel of what we should do.
    I feel led to "borrow" this declarations from Covenant Christian Center so that we can use them as they are extremely powerful and relevant to what we are doing. I am sure Pastor Poju will not mind.
    Take it slowly, deliberately and as many times as you can.Try and personalize it also.
    Here you go:
    Number one, as Joseph called the name of his first child Manasseh and called the name of his second child Ephraim, I declare that two of these things shall be birth in your life.
    Number one, Manasseh mean God has made me to forget all of my toil and my father’s house. Ephraim means God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. Therefore, this year God shall bring you into a place of rest from all of your previous trouble.
    The pain that you experienced by reason of abuse from the hands of people you trusted, you will completely forget that pain, by way of the blessing that shall emerge in your life this year in the name of Jesus.
    You have said, I have labored in vain. It seems that I have spent my strength to naught, but God is saying to you, that this year, for all those labours you put in, and service you put in, into the lives of people where you got no reward, your reward shall proceed from heaven and God will bring you into a work, a good work, that will serve as an act of judgement by him to settle all the controversies in your life and to remove all of the pain that came as a result of the abuse in the name of Jesus.
    Those who hurt you in your father’s house, where you expected love and acceptance shall come to you and ask for your forgiveness. They shall say in your ears, “God is in you, for we have seen you to be mightier than us”.
    Concerning the name Ephraim, I declare unto you, that God has made you fruitful in the very place you suffered affliction. The thing that seems to be a thorn in your flesh today, the area of your affliction right now has become the place of your fruitfulness in 2017 in the name of Jesus. Where you once knew sorrow in your heart, that is the place where God has brought joy which no man can take away from you in the name of Jesus.
    I declare unto you that this is your year of ingathering. Where God will gather all from your past investments and service that you have rendered. By his mercies, it shall all be gathered unto you and you shall see the harvest spring up in your life and you shall say “who hath begotten me all this, from whence did all this come from?” and he will show you, God, that is, that no good work that a man renders goes unnoticed, neither unrecognized by him. That he has lifted you from slavery and from all forms of abuse on the job into a place of service, recognition and reward in the name of Jesus.
    Hear this, that as in the days of Joseph, Pharaoh had a dream and he saw seven lean and ill-favored kine that did eat up the first seven fat kine and the interpretation was that there will be seven years of leanness that will eat up all the previous abundance, but I declare unto you, that in your own life, the present climate of leanness shall not eat up the blessings you have gathered in the past in the name of Jesus. Neither shall it lead you to any form of enslavement in the future in the name of Jesus Christ.
    As you praise God this year over the work of your hands, God as El-Shaddai, the God that causes the field to produce an abundance shall appear unto you. He shall cause all of his grace to abound towards you, making you self-sufficient in all things, that you will require no human aid, but by the rain of heaven, you shall stand erect and not bow down before any man, and you shall abound in all charitable donations.
    Hear this (number 4), as you consider the poor this year, the weak or the sick, so will the Lord deliver you in time of trouble. He will preserve you by your acts of mercy and he will keep you alive throughout this year. You shall be blessed upon the earth. You shall not be delivered unto the will of your enemies. No person with any form of ill will towards you will see the desire of their hearts manifest in your life. Every thought of evil towards you will hang as an imagination and not become an event, as a cloud that will never give its rain in the name of Jesus.
    As you help the needy this year, their prayers will enter into the ears of God on your behalf and this blessing shall come upon you. You will flourish in all that you do as the grass of the earth flourishes when it is watered by rain. Your name shall endure on the earth and your name shall not be stained by the words and the accusation of others, but kings and men in authority shall give you presence, and queens shall extend their gifts unto you because you have helped the poor and caused the heart of the widow to sing for joy.
    What the bible pronounces as the blessing of him that was ready to perish, that blessing, him that was ready to perish shall utter it over your life. And what it means is that your seat shall be prepared for you in any city that you dwell in, in the high places of that city. The secret of the Lord shall be found in your heart. The Almighty God, who causes the field to bring an abundance is with you and all of your children shall be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.
    As Saul went up to Samuel, and Samuel answered Saul and said, “as for thine asses that you lost three days ago, set not your mind upon them for they are found”. Whatever thing you have been looking for, whatever thing was lost, that is perpetually on your mind, that you constantly search your mind on, brings anxiety and worry, and you are continuously troubled over it, here is the word the lord said I should say unto you – that God has a work for you beyond that which you have been weeping to him about. And therefore, in order to free you to do that work, he has settled that thing you are looking for. You will descend from this place and find everything, that it will have been gathered by God unto you. Have no fear concerning it, it is restored that you might be free this year in your mind to serve him in the name of Jesus.
    Number eight, he says this unto you, have no fear in 2017 of sudden disaster or the ruin that overtakes the wicked. You shall have no need to panic over alarms or surprises or
    predictions that the dooms day is around the corner. For he says I your God will be right there with you throughout the year. He will keep you safe and sound and he will keep your foot from being snared in the name of Jesus Christ.
    As you make God your only source this year and put pressure on no man to yield unto you, if you will put pressure only on his word, spoken out of your lips and kept before your eyes, the following things shall be your experience this year. The land of your life shall be seen by others, as one that drinks of the rain of heaven.
    The events that will emerge in your life in 2017 will have no trace to any power or influence on the earth, but men shall say of your life, this is nothing else but the finger of God. For the earth, shall bring forth unto you events that you did not pray for. And no man on the earth by reason of your increase shall desire your land out of envy nor contest with you over what God has blessed you with, for with the blessing, he shall give you rest from all enemies.
    The evil eye shall not see your blessing neither shall the oppressor desire your blessing. But you shall find peace in your prosperity and to your blessing shall be added no sorrow. What used to come to you in trickles - as a one-off experience - has now become the flow of your life. You will take over a land where plenty of rain is falling in. You shall be called the one whom the lord cares for, for he shall watch over your life through every season this year. The leaves of your life shall not whither and in whatever season emerges, you shall abound with fruit in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Let’s just begin to worship God and praise him, just start worshipping him over those words and start praising him and thanking him. Now some of you hear this, this is the way he showed me.
    As you, this year take care and minister to your elderly parents, the blessing of the first born is transferred into your life. This means the aroma of a blessed person shall go forth out of you from henceforth. Therefore, men will be drawn towards you to help and to assist you for you shall be recognized as a blessed person. You will triumph always in every battle you face, and in every place you step into, a fragrance of the life of a triumphant one shall extend out of you, for you shall lose no battle in life in the name of Jesus Christ.
    But your life will be watered constantly by the dew of heaven. Thoughts directly from God will flood your life making you fruitful in everything that you lay your hand on. People will flock towards you and serve you. They will help you and any man that wishes ill over you shall experience defeat.
    The reason why your family is in existence shall be seen upon you, for you shall bear the name of your family to the ends of the earth. In times of darkness, your light shall shine brighter and the number of your days on the earth you shall fulfill. You shall not leave this earth by accident, by any form of sickness nor by any form of mishap, but after you have fulfilled your assignment, the Lord will reveal unto you the time, and you shall go in peace at a ripe old age because of the service that you have rendered to your elderly parents. That is established in your life this year in the name of Jesus.
    Number eleven, as you stand true to the relationships in your life as covenants and you stand with others this year, in their days of affliction as a brother that sticketh closer than a friend, the blessing that rested upon Ruth’s life shall be yours. When everything seems hopeless in the natural, a Boaz shall arise in your life and shall usher you into a new season.
    As Job prayed for his friends and his captivity was turned around, every form of captivity is turned around and you are restored with a double portion of anything that you might have lost in the past. You ask, can the plunder be retrieved from a giant, can I regain the years that I have lost, as Ruth wondered, can there ever be any restoration in my life? But God says to you today, even if a giant grips the plunder, and a tyrant holds my people as prisoners, I am the one who is on your side, defending your cause and I have rescued your destiny.
    Every blessing apportioned to you and your children shall be yours and theirs. Those who oppose you will turn against themselves in an act of self-destruction, and everyone around shall know that I, your God, I have saved you.
    This is your year of ingathering, where all your labour you have rendered in the fields of life in service to men shall result in a great harvest this year. No longer shall you say in your heart “where is this God?”, for things shall emerge of themselves in your life making you say “who hath begotten me all these when I was left alone”. You shall know God as the one who is not unrighteous to forget your labour of love.
    As Boaz answered Ruth saying it has fully been shown me all that you have done, the Lord recompense your work, and he said a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel under whose wings thou hast come to trust, so shall you experience a full reward for all your service this year. You shall enter into fields where others have labored and you shall reap, and when you reap, those that labored shall rejoice at your progress that you will make through their labour. You shall enter into that which the lord has already prepared.
    As the king, could not sleep until the book of remembrance was opened, and he said what honour and dignity has been done to this man that did this, so shall kings be disturbed in their sleep until a full recompense is granted unto you by the hand of the Lord in the name of Jesus.
    As the chief butler remembered his sin that he forgot to mention the case of Joseph to the king, so shall all those who are to make the connection on your behalf for the full reward, from today, they shall speak up on your behalf and bring about that measure of blessing in your life this year in the name of Jesus Christ.
    This year, you shall know that it is not of him that runneth, nor is it of him that willeth, but it is of God that showeth mercy. Your labour shall not be scattered by reason of ignorance.
    Hear this, it shall not be said of you, that the labour of the foolish wearieth all, for he knoweth not how to enter into the city, but as the angel that smote the men that were at the door of Lot with blindness, so they exhausted themselves trying to find a door that was before them, that same angel has been released, but now to open your eyes to see the entrance into the blessing that you seek, and without any struggle on your part, but by the mercy of God, your eyes have been opened today to see that door and to walk through that door into the fulfillment of that dream that is in your heart.
    Number seventeen, the covenant of David.
    Every time you stretch your hand this year to serve in the house of God, the blessings that God made, the blessings of the covenant that God made with David shall come upon you. The Lord shall arise on your behalf. He will clothe you with salvation in any situation you find yourself, until there will be a loud shout of joy from your heart for what the Lord has done. The fruit of your body, your children, shall be blessed and they will seat in high places in their generation.
    God will abundantly bless your provision, the work of your hands and satisfy you with bread this year. Again, he says, I will clothe you with salvation resulting into shouts of joy on your part and anyone who works against you shall be put to shame. For the blessing of the lord shall rest upon your head and you shall flourish in that blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Let’s just begin to give him thanks again and bless him, quickly just give him thanks and bless him.
    Psalm 91, because you live within the shadow of the Almighty God, sheltered by the God who is above all gods, that you declare that God alone is my refuge, my place of safety my God in whom I trust. He shall rescue you from every trap and protect you from every fatality. He will shield you this year with his wings. He will shelter you.
    Your declaration of his promises shall act as an armor and a force field around you that will prevent any negative thing from happening. Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the day. For though a thousand might fall by your side, ten thousand might die around you, no evil will touch you. You will see how the wicked are punished, but you will not share in it.
    Because Jehovah is your refuge and you have chosen him as your God above other gods to shelter you, no evil will overtake you, neither shall any plague come near you. For he has ordered his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will steady you with their hands. They will keep you from stumbling against the rocks. You can safely meet a lion, step on poisonous snakes and even trample them under your feet. Because the Lord loves you, he will rescue you, he will make you great because you have trusted in his name. When you call upon him, he shall answer you. He will be with you in trouble, rescue you and honour you. With long life, will he satisfy you and show you his salvation.
    Because you have made him your shepherd, the Lord, you shall lack nothing this year. He will lead you to green pasture. He will lead you by quiet waters. He will restore everything in your life and give you new strength. He will help you do what honours him the most. Even when you walk through the dark valley of the shadow of death, you shall not be afraid for the Lord will be close beside you, guarding you and guiding you all the way, preparing great things in the presence of your enemies and welcoming you as a guest to the table that will bring blessings in the overflow into your life.
    Only goodness and unfailing kindness shall be with you all the days of your life and you will live with these in your home forever in the name of Jesus Christ.
    declare to all husbands as you nourish and you cherish your wife, treating them as the weaker vessels, the Lord this year will reward all of your investments into that relationship and he shall nourish you also from heaven and he will take care of you from heaven and as the man in the house, you shall know no lack because you have honoured that covenant of marriage and he will provide for you and enlarge your financial coast because of the investment that you have made.
    Wives as you respect your husbands, so shall God grant you honour this year and you will be respected in public places because of the investment you have made in that relationship. You will walk as a queen upon the earth, because you have treated the man that God gave to you as a king within the home.
    For servants who are working in places, as you work with a singleness of heart and serve in that place, not as serving a man, but doing it in faithfulness and in loyalty as unto God, God declares that in his mercy he will reward you, by opening up your eyes in that place to see your own inheritance and you will find in that place the work that is apportioned unto you and from that place you will grow and own your own and fulfill your destiny because you’ve sown the seed of service.
    Masters this year, as you treat those that work with you in justice and in fairness, so shall God enlarge your coasts. Nothing that is growing in your field shall wither. No locust shall invade your business and eat up anything, for you have fulfilled the covenant of the master and God will show himself as the master over your own business guiding it into a place of fruitfulness in the name of Jesus.
    Finally, may the Lord bless and protect you. May the Lord cause his face to radiate upon you bringing you smiles and joy. May he be gracious unto you this year. May he show you his favour and give you peace in 2017. Go forth into this year, you shall find the place of your rest. You shall flourish as a palm tree. You will grow as the cedars in Lebanon. You will move unhindered and progress without any form of stoppage.
    That which was meant for evil, shall be turned around with your words and it shall propel you into a large room and a place of goodness. No man shall see your shame this year in the name of Jesus. Anywhere the soles of your feet step upon, with the declaration of your words it shall come to pass in the name of Jesus. That which you have seen with your inner eye today as that which 2017 shall fulfill, so shall it be unto you in the name of Jesus Christ.
    This is a year of your ingathering. This is a year of strange blessings. This is a year where God will bring in things that you might have invested twenty-five years ago and you have forgotten, it will produce events in your life. Things that you cannot remember, God will show you that he remembers everything that you do from a good place in your heart and therefore, the garden of your life, if it be wilderness today, it shall be a fruitful field and if it’s a fruitful field it shall become a forest before this year ends in the name of Jesus. If you were in a wilderness you shall experience increase. If you were experiencing increase, you shall experience multiplication in the name of Jesus Christ. You are blessed, go forth and shine in Jesus name, Amen.

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