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Signs That Help is Coming For you In Relationship and Marriage

  • When heaven is about to open over your life, when God is about to move on your behalf, when you are closest to your breakthrough and your hands are almost reaching your joy, when the travail of your heart is about to be a reality, when your pregnancy has reached its gestation and the midwives of heaven are standing at attention to bring forth your delivery, when heaven is about to smile on you, there are often signs that accompany such moments.
    At such times, here a few things you might experience.

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    1. There will be pressures to give up on God
    It is the time when you are almost there that pressures will mount up on you to give up on God and back out of His word.
    The heat of the fire will be multiplied seven times over!
    The devil is not omniscient, but he is experienced and he knows what something good is about to happen.
    He could sense the time Jesus would be born and so he stirred up young babies to be killed. Jesus probably had no age mates.
    So , it is at this time that hell would gang up and all they do is to bring discouragement and barraging thoughts to push you into a place where you give up.
    So, you simply refuse to back out. You hold on to the horns of the altar and trust God for the best that He will do in your life. 

    Help is near, don’t give up!

    2. There will be pressures to compromise

    The pressures to compromise will mount up.
    Traps will be set for you at every turn.
    Usually, the design of this is for you to lose your blessing and forfeit the travail of your heart on the platform of iniquity.
    Why did your ex with whom you are sexually involved show up on the very day you made up your mind to stay away from every sexual compromise?
    My dear, it is not a coincidence, it is a grand orchestration of hell to stop you in your tracks.
    Why did your colleague whom you always admire ask for lunch time out on the day you fought with your spouse? Click To Tweet
    Why did somebody give you a film full of sexual scenes when you just made up your mind to stay away from pornography and masturbation?
    Why did that babe or guy visit you on a service day just as you are preparing to go for prayer meeting? Click To Tweet
    You know what? Nothing just happens!

    3. There will be promptings to pray

    When you are closest to what God wants to do, there will be promptings to pray in the Holy Ghost. Do not ignore! Click To Tweet
    God is stirring you up to make power available against the onslaught of the enemy of your soul.
    If you are promoted to pray especially in the night, do so.
    Something is being taken care of in the spirit realm. Something is rumbling in the heavens that will bring smiles to your face

4. There will be promptings to rejoice

    Then there will be promptings to rejoice!
    This becomes difficult because nothing is happening!
    But you should go ahead and respond to the nudging because there is always a rejoicing before the rejoicing.
    So, you dance a jig, jump a little, laugh some all by yourself.
    The devil gets so confused because that is not the reaction he wants.
    In turn, the rejoicing gives you more strength because the joy of the Lord is your strength!

5. Things can often dry up or seem to have stopped working 

    When help is around, things often dry up, prayer seems not to be working and discouragement will hit you like tornadoes.
    The devil wants you to lose your joy, abandon your desire and get into unbelief. Click To Tweet
    But it is at such times that you step up the volume of your shout and your dance, it is at such times you double your declarations in Him, it is at such times you remain unwavering because the one that has promised is able to do what He has promised.
    May God give you more understanding.
    I pray that God will cause His strength to be released as you rejoice in Him.
    You will have the travail of your heart soonest in Jesus name!

    Romans 4:21 (KJV)  
And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.
    It is this full persuasion that keeps you rejoicing and staying in joy, and then you will eventually have the travail of your heart!
    Help is here!

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    I will not give up!

    Lord, keep me strong in you!

    Romans 4:21 (AMP)  
    Fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised.

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    Psalm 43 - 45, 49, 84 - 85, 87,

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