A Conversation Between Betty And Aunty Sally

  • Betty is a twenty six year old lady who is not in any relationship. She visits her much older friend, Aunty Sally who has been married for fifteen years and the following conversation ensued. Pick the words carefully, see the wisdom embedded in between the lines and learn a few principles in the conversation…yes, just a conversation. Somebody said the wisdom of a person can be found in his words.

    Aunty Sally: So, my dear, how has it been?

    Betty: Well, it’s been great o…

    Aunty Sally: So, when are we walking down the aisle?

    Betty: Aunty, I will walk alone?

    Aunty Sally: God forbid

    Betty: I never find person o… (I have not found anybody)

    Aunty Sally: You are not to find a man; you are to be found.

    Betty: And if I’m not found?

    Aunty Sally: You will be found?

    Betty: But time is going, Aunty, and the pressures are much!

    Aunty Sally: Are you sure you are findable?

    Betty: Findable? I go write am for head? (do I have to write that on my forehead?)

    Aunty Sally: Not like that.

    Betty: So how?

    Aunty Sally: You know what the scripture says, right?

    Betty: Tell me, Aunty

    Aunty Sally: He that findeth a wife…

    Betty: Oh that one. I know it.

    Aunty Sally: Do you notice what it says? He that finds a wife…

    Betty: Yes, what does that mean?

    Aunty Sally: He that finds a wife…not a woman, not a girl.

    Betty: I see

    Aunty Sally: There is a difference

    Betty: But I don’t understand. How do I become a wife before being found?

    Aunty Sally: That’s the core message in there. If you don’t become a wife, you are not findable! Click To Tweet

    Betty: But it is you people that will preach now that one should not have jeru trip before marriage, you should not go and spend weekends in a guy’s house, you should not cook or wash boxers and so on. So how do you become a wife before being found?

    Aunty Sally: Good question. I will give you a good answer.

    Betty: I dey hear o… (I am listening)

    Aunty Sally: It is not becoming a wife in terms of physical actions; it is more of preparation of the heart.

    Betty: So, I will become a wife in my heart? You these spiritual people! How?

    Aunty Sally: Yes, because according to that scripture, what would be found is a ‘wife’ It didn’t say “He that findeth a woman or he that finders a girl.”

    Betty: So how do I become a wife in my heart, Aunty?

    Aunty Sally: You become a wife in your heart through your preparations and dispositions. Click To Tweet

    Betty: Aunty, no confuse me with grammar o. (don’t get me confused with bogus words&rsquo

    Aunty Sally: It is very simple. The question is ‘are you a wife material?’ Are you prepared? Every man is looking for a wife, not a girl.

    Betty: Aunty, I am not a girl. I am twenty-six

    Aunty Sally: It is not about age. You can be thirty-five and yet not be ready for marriage…still a girl in your dispositions.

    Betty: Dispositions?

    Aunty Sally: The way you think, which informs the way you act.

    Betty: Aunty, I need to get married fast, I am getting miserable

    Aunty Sally: And after marriage, the misery will fly away? To far-far-away kingdom?

    Betty: Yes now, with a husband by my side.

    Aunty Sally: You are not yet a ready.

    Betty: Aunty, which one now, you wan curse me? (You want to curse me?)

    Aunty Sally: I am not cursing you, I am telling you who you are, you are still a girl and you are not yet ready to be found.

    Betty: How?

    Aunty Sally: What is the definition of a wife?

    Betty: A woman who is married.

    Aunty Sally: That is dictionary definition; give me biblical definition.

    Betty: I no be pastor, Aunty (I am not a Pastor)

    Aunty Sally: Ok. A wife is not just a married woman, but a married woman who is a help-meet. A wife is to complete her husband. She is coming with something on the table, not just coming to get! When you say you need a husband because you are feeling miserable, what you need to know is that marriage will not remove the misery; it will only make you a married miserable woman and probably drag the man into the misery as well.

    Betty: Aunty, I don hear! (I have heard)

    Aunty Sally: You better hear!

    Betty: At least, I won’t be lonely again…all those nights I spend alone hugging my poor pillow…

    Aunty Sally: There you go again. You are still a girl.

    Betty: Something is wrong with that statement again?

    Aunty Sally: Everything is wrong with it.

    Betty: Tell me, Aunty.

    Aunty Sally: Marriage does not solve the problem of loneliness. It solves the problems of aloneness. God told Adam, it is good for man to be alone, not lonely… Click To Tweet

    Betty: I don’t get…

    Aunty Sally: There are many married people who are very lonely. Due to selfishness, ignorance, pride and unforgiving spirit…

    Betty: Na wa o…make person no kuku marry now… make I just find one man wey go give me pikin na… (This is serious. May be I should not get married then. Will just have a kid from a man and be a baby Mama)

    Aunty Sally: There you go again; you are girl. I know why you have not been found.

    Betty: See, Aunty, I have been praying and fasting…

    Aunty Sally: That is not the first thing you need. What you need to do first, is to renew your mind with God’s word daily and read a lot of good books to prepare for marriage. Get on KHC and devour those devotionals!

    Betty: Aunty, fasting and praying is important. I even go to mountains to do dry fasting.

    Aunty Sally: After you fast and pray, the man shows up, and then you drive him away with your ‘girlish’ attitudes and dispositions!

    Betty: Aunty!

    Aunty Sally: You need to become a wife first. You need knowledge. A man of knowledge increases strength! You need to be informed and be prepared. You need to understand what marriage is. You need to know that marriage is not just a contract but a covenant.

    Betty: How do I do all that?

    Aunty Sally: Renew your mind by reading God’s word daily. Follow KHC devotionals daily and learn all you can learn. Be prepared. Become a wife in your heart, not by offering jeru trip to keep a man.

    Betty: No jery trip, Aunty?

    Aunty Sally: None of that until after marriage!

    Betty: So how do I test what I am going for?

    Aunty Sally: Another reason you have not been found. If anybody finds you like this, he is a boy, not a man, and he is looking for fun, not commitment!

    Betty: So how do I test if we are compatible?

    Aunty Sally: Oh, since you have been testing, where has it gotten you? And what is your standard for compatibility? And after testing, how do you know if he is compatible or not? And if he is not, you look for the next man to sleep with? How many people will you keep on testing for compatibility? You will just discover one day you are fifty and you are still testing!

    And after you have tested so many people, what exactly remains for your husband to taste? Do you know each of those compatibility tests is spiritual and leaves deposits of habits, attitudes and mental oppression?

    Betty: Aunty, don’t be harsh.

    Aunty Sally: You need to become a wife, dear. The scripture cannot be broken. It is ‘he that findeth a wife… It is better to trust God for direction rather than turn yourself to a testing ground. God never made you a Guinea pig. Rather that testing, be led by the Holy Spirit.

    Betty: It is well

    Aunty Sally: Go get books to read. Get a mentor to take you through. Read your Bible daily. Then pray for direction. God will surely help you. You will be found. The man will not only be handsome, he will be so anointed to the teeth! When he smiles, you will fall under the anointing!

    Betty: Aunty!!!

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