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Conversation Between Angie and Sandra On Loving And Being Loved

  • The day has been a hectic one. Having six lectures back to back was not an easy task. Angie and Sandra are two of a kind, they were roommates in one of the private Universities. As they walked back to their hall, they struck a conversation. It was more than a conversation, it was a state of their hearts.

    Welcome to the world of Angie and Sandra.

    "There is only one thing on my mind now, can you guess?" Angie asked.

    "What else will it be, other than to go and eat and sleep off?" Replied Sandra.

    "Waoh! You are in the Spirit, you got it. Flesh and blood hath not revealed that unto you."

    "What about me, guess what's rolling on my mind?" Sandra asked.

    "Same thing now, are you not hungry and tired?"

    "Yes, I am hungry and tired, but it is not food and sleep that will appease the goddess now"

    "Ok o, Miss goddess, what is on your mind?" Asked Angie?

    "What's on my mind? It's more than Facebook status o..."

    "Ok, na Twitter, abi?"

    "You sure don't want to know, Sandra said giggling."

    "Your boyfriend?"

    "Yes," Sandra said, almost screaming, and eyes bulging. " I want to be wrapped in my boyfriend's arms."

    "Wrap? You be foo-foo, abi? You don't know more than that, Jesus is coming soon o!

    "Please, can't we have a decent conversation without you sermonizing me?" Sandra said with a slight hiss.

    "Oh oh...why the beef now? And where is the sermon? I have not even quoted a scripture. I have not even told you that the soul that sinneth shall die!"

    "Please!  All of us are sinners. It is God that knows who is serving Him!"

    Calmly, Angie said, "I disagree with that. It is not only God that knows. Those who are serving Him also know. I spoke to Him this morning!" Click To Tweet

    "Thank you, sister Angel. I love my boyfriend and he loves me. When we are married, we will go to church."

    "Who told you that you will get married to him?"

    "I know! He told me we will."

    "And who told you that you are the only one he is promising?" Angie said.

    "Yes, I may not be the only one, but I am the first on his list"

    "List? Sandra, why go through this humiliation?

    "Which one is humiliation there now? Is there any man out there that can be faithful?"

    "You always get what you expect! I will be married to a man who not only loves me, but also loves the Lord," Click To Tweet

    "Such men are all dead, I beg!"

    "No, they are still alive."

    "You are simply inexperienced. You don't know guys. I currently have three boyfriends and my back is covered. If one fails, I will latch unto another."

    "Your back is not covered." You are toying with your life and destiny."

    "There you go again, pastoress."

    "But candidly, it is not like God doesn't want you to have a boyfriend, but He wants everything done His own way."

    "What's His own way?"

    "No jeru trip."

    "That is not possible"

    "It is possible. I am an example." Angie said.

    "So, I will not test wetin I go buy for market? Sandra said shaking her head.

    "How many times have you been sexually involved with your boyfriend?

    "Which of them?

    "See your life?"

    "I can't count o... Am I supposed to be recording that? I be secretary?"

    "Ok, let's just say twenty times... So you have been testing? For how long will you test in the market? Will you ever get home? Is the market not your home now?"

    "Leave that one, I dey enjoy am, plus lots of bucks."

    "Ever eaten gravel before?

    "Na you go chop stone"

    "But that is what you are doing! It is firstly sweet in your mouth, but afterwords it turns into gravel. The mastication process will go awry. So says the scriptures."

    "I don hear. Holy sister."

    "But candidly speaking, your perspective is wrong. Don't waste your time on what will not work."

    Phone rings, as they made to enter their room.

    Sandra picked up her phone and looked at the name on the screen. It was one of her boyfriends. The one that was not caring, but gives her a lot of money.

    "I beg, make I pick important call, my foodstuff don nearly finish!"

    As she chatted away, Angie sat down on the edge of her bed and ruminated. She prayed silently to God to help her communicate and help her friend who is obviously dancing with imminent disappointments.

    She knew what she was doing wouldn't work. It was simply not God's order. She wondered at how her roommate had trivialized what is clearly a sin, how she kind of mocked God with her attitude to life.

    She seemed to be enjoying it now and she prayed for her silently as the scripture came to her mind:

    Isa 50:11  
    Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow.

    She knew all Sandra was reveling in were sparks...and she prayed to God to send help her way, before the night time, when her bed would have been decked up with sorrow!

    Despite all she is doing, she knows God loves her deeply, but that is not enough, she needs to love the Lord too and that is where the real blessing is!

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    I am a God lover 

    Lord, teach me to love you always  

    Romans 5:5 (KJV)  
    And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

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