Conversation Between Steve and Stephen On Finding A Wife

  • By Pastor Sophia
    Guys usually see relationship in different way than ladies. Some boast of their negative escapades. Some promote their lustful agenda. Others emphasize physical beauty while some talk about what real virtue is in a lady.
    Here is a conversation between Steve and Stephen, two believers who are trying to locate a real wife among all the many ladies that flock around them.
    Steve: Oh boy, how now? You are kind of quiet today.
    Stephen: I just dey o, ore. Things have been a little boring, these days.
    Steve: hmm, I know you. When you are like this, there is something bothering you. With all the faculty outings we just had. Oya share the issue. A problem half shared is a problem half solved
    Stephen: You know, my uncle, at my age was already preparing for marriage.
    Steve: Well that's true, I know about that. Your uncle told us his story the other time.
    But really we are all in different races, going through different paths to different destinations.
    Stephen: Very true but not withstanding, one should move forward and make progress. Is it until one is old with grey hair? God should satisfy us early with his mercies, so that we can be glad and rejoice all days of our life.
    Steve: Amen. But really. One should just pick any one at those fine girls , toast her with a lot of toasting skills .
    Stephen: Not at all o. Not me. That was when I was an unbeliever. Then, once she appeals to my lustful taste, the toasting begins. I had many of them. But really , I had no slightest intention of marrying any of them. As bad as I was then, I still recognized quality.
    Steve: Yes o me too. No one wants to marry a liability. Quality or nothing. I have been reading books along this line. I really want to get it right and have a good home.
    Stephen: Yes o, top list priority. Really preparing myself too.
    Steve: One needs to really choose wisely especially since we guys are to choose and decide who to marry.
    Stephen: For me, the lady has to be humble, lowly and meek. Not laid back but meek. All these ladies that are sharp mouthed... Hmmm.
    Steve: She must be godly. In all sense of the word. Not just speaking in tongues but having the fear of God.
    Stephen: Homely. She must be homely. Am tired of all these ladies that can't cook. God forbid bad thing.
    Steve: Na real bad thing o. Nodules should be abolished. I don't want a noodle's wife o.
    Stephen: Intelligence is another key virtue. All these beautiful faces on empty head is a waste of time.
    Steve: Ahhh, yes o. Imagine, in this computer age, sister Lola doesn't know how to operate a computer.
    Stephen: it's an abomination.
    Steve: Talking about beauty sef. Hmm, God will have to help us. Make ups are now performing miracles.
    This days, I am getting not so tripped by those pretty girls that are always on makeup. False or artificial beauty is too much. These ladies should be real and allow their real, original beauty come out.
    Stephen: God help us. I really feel better now. I think we should talk like this once in a while with ourselves. Getting a virtuous lady takes time and a lot of wisdom. God's help too is very important.
    Steve: But before we get carried away, we have to work on ourselves as well. A man who wants a queen has to be a king. Let's go and increase our values!

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    I have God's wisdom

    Lord, lead me into your peace

    Romans 11:5 (GW)  
    So, as there were then, there are now a few left that God has chosen by his kindness.

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