The True Love That Gives Birth To True Romantic Love

  • My mum went home to be with the Lord, when I was only sixteen.

    But she ensured she led all of us to Christ and got us filled with the Holy Spirit. That was the greatest legacy she left behind. She was the woman I got my choleric temperament from.
    She was a loving mother.
    Her maternal love towards me is something I cannot forget in a hurry. I was a little spoilt because I was the only boy in the midst of four girls, so my mum always felt I needed to be protected.
    I enjoyed it as long as it lasted.
    What her maternal love did to me was that it ended all strife. I was at peace. I felt protected. I felt loved. I felt special. 

    The same way, there is a maternal side of God! Click To Tweet
    Isaiah 66:13 (KJV)  

    As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem.
    You need the comforting love of God in the way a mother provides comfort for her children.
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    Yes, from that affliction, that loss, that experience that shook you, you are going to be comforted.
    This is the word of the Lord unto you this morning and I want you to receive this word.
    In your relationship, you will be comforted.
    In your marriage, you will be comforted.
    Concerning all you have gone through and you have been through, the comforting love of God will collapse the years for you and it will all end in joy.

    Irrespective of the economic situation, I see God’s love enveloping you and making you outstanding.
    How will God comfort you?
    He will comfort you with peace.
    His peace will lead you in the choice of who to marry.
    His peace will extricate all confusion from your life.
    He will give you peace in your home.

Isaiah 66:12 (AMP)  

    For thus says the Lord: Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream; then you will be nursed, you will be carried on her hip and trotted [ lovingly bounced up and down ] on her [ God's maternal ] knees.

    Isn't it amazing?
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    It is this love that must be accepted and received that would now become a foundation for true romantic love!
    If this love is not there, there will be “mis-love!” Permit my language!
    God is going to nurse you, lovingly bounce you up and down like a mother will do her child and He does all of this by giving you His peace!
    So, you ensure that you follow His peace!

    How is this achieved? What is the part you must play?
    Isaiah 66:11 (KJV)  

    That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.

The word is the milk you must suck from the maternal breasts ion God.
    Like a baby will suck, you have to do the same and enjoy the best of God.
    It is sucking at the milk of the word that will stabilize your emotions and allow you choose wisely. Click To Tweet
    It is this true love of God that gives birth to a true romantic love. Click To Tweet
    It is when you suck the milk of the word that you have enough strength and discernment to be able to go for love and discard lust!
    As you go though KHC devotional daily, you are sucking at the word of God, one day at a time and it will extend peace into your relationship, marriage and life.
    I pray for God’s peace over you this day!

    I pray that God will comfort you, lovingly bounce up and down, and fill your mouth with laughter!

    Experience the love of God today!
    Receive His maternal love today!
    As you do, may the maternal instincts of God enrapture you, bringing assurance into your soul and resulting in amazing breakthroughs today, this week and this month in Jesus name!
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    To all of KHC Partners, my God will envelope you in His love, He will respect your seed and make way for you speedily in Jesus name!
    Thanks for your partnership! Be blessed!

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    I receive God's love

    Lord, show me your maternal love 

    Isaiah 66:12 (MSG)  
    GOD's Message: "I'll pour robust well-being into her like a river, the glory of nations like a river in flood. You'll nurse at her breasts, nestle in her bosom, and be bounced on her knees.

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    2 Samuel 8-9, 1 Chronicles 18

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