O Lord, Where is Mr Perfect?

  • “I am really tired of praying to God”
    “Hey, don’t say that, Susan!”

    “I will say it again and again.”

“But why? You are beautiful, you are active in church and everything seems to be going on well.”

    “Na beauty I go chop?” Beautiful and yet husbandless at thirty-five?”

“God has a man for you”
    “Where is the man? And when will the man come?”

“Just be patient and be prayerful.”
    Shebi, you are already married, cooling off in your husbands home, with a romantic six-packed man to rest your naughty head on every night, while I am speaking in tongues alone on cold nights with no one in sight” 

    “Sister Susan!”
    “Sister Joy!”

    “What about Brother David?”
    “It is you that will marry Brother David!”
    “Ah! What happened to Brother David?”
    “You came to church this morning in a Toyota Lexus right?”


    “So, I should go and marry Brother David so that I can improve on all the trekking I have done in the last thirty-five years? So that my name can enter Guinness Book of Record for The trekker of all times, abi?”
    "You no know say the trek wey I don trek for this world, e no get part 2?"
    “You can make somebody laugh”
    “How will you not laugh?” Please, don’t talk about Brother David o?”

    “But my husband didn't have a car when we married.”

    “I don’t have that patience.”

“Ok, what about Brother Godwin? He asked you out and he has a car?
    “That one? That bush man? He cannot even pronounce the name of his car well. He is out of it.”

    “Brother James also asked you out. That one nko?”

    “Brother James is too spiritual for me. He doesn't know more than quoting Bible and praying in the Holy Ghost. I am not sure I will ever get to see a movie if I marry him.”

    “Tee Boy also asked you out. He is not as spiritual.”

    “Ah, that choir boy who has toasted every lady in church? He is too carnal for me.”

    ”What about Deacon Joshua, you said he asked you out as well?
    “That one doesn't have money joor” Is it only preaching we will be eating after marriage?”

    “Uhmmm…”Who else asked you out?”

“Brother Tomi, he is too short.”

“But it is not in heights?” 

    “Why is your own husband tall?”


    “Brother Bode also asked me out, but his mouth is too sharp, he talks too much like somebody that has mouth diarrhoea!” Brother Tola is too tall, and he is bent over like somebody that is sick. I cannot marry him.” Brother Chiefo is too old for me. He is nearly forty-five. I am not sure if he is a real man.

    Brother Sanmi is too busy with playing keyboard. He will not have time for me. Brother Bubu is okay but the way he smiles reminds me of my primary school teacher that nearly killed me with beating. Mr. Tony is an ideal man, but the way I see him, he will turn me into a housewife. Brother Steve said he wants to become a pastor, I cannot marry a pastor.

    Brother Faith seems to like women a lot, I cannot be competing with other ladies in my matrimonial home. Brother Eze is okay, but his bow leg is a concern. Mr. Smith would have been it, but the way he walks like a village man will not befit my destiny. Brother Love is too dark, like God forgot him in the oven or something like that. Mr. Scoot is too light, if both of us are light, will our children not become albinos? And Mr…..”
    “It’s okay. I have heard enough.”
    “They are still many o…”

“I have heard enough to make my conclusions.”
    “What are your conclusions, Madam teacher!”

    “You are not ready for marriage!”
    “How can you say that? With all my prayer and vigils?”
    “You are looking for the perfect man. You will never get one.”
    “Are you not the people that say we should not marry an unbeliever or just anybody?”
    “Are all these people you mentioned unbelievers?” You see, Mr-perfect does not exist!”

    “So, what should I pray for?”

    “Pray for God’s will. Pray for God’s perfect will for you. God’s perfect will is not always a Mr. Prefect!” Click To Tweet

“What if he doesn't look handsome enough?”

“What if he looks dashing and handsome and after wedding, after you have fed him well, he departs from your definition of handsome and six packs become six months pregnancy? Will you divorce him?”

    “So, how do I choose now?”

    “First, know that God will never lead you wrong.”

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    “Secondly, it is only God that knows the one you will love now and will still love in another fifty years.”

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    “Thirdly, your brain is not designed to know the best spouse for you, Only God can help you decide who is the best person that is not only physically dashing but also spiritually prepared for your destiny.” Click To Tweet

“Fourthly, stop looking for inadequacies, look out for God’s direction.”

    “Fifthly, if he is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, with no character flaws or habitual sins, the only thing that remains is God’s leading.”

    “So, ask God to lead you. Ask him to help you. Ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is the helper. He knows the best for you.”


“Stop using your brain to judge!”

    “What if God shows someone to me and he is not physically attractive?”

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    “God is intelligent. He is not an author of confusion. God is love and He will never lead you to someone you hate and loathe. On the contrary, it is your feelings that can deceive you that you are in love with someone that you will really hate tomorrow!”

“I understand now!

    “So I could have missed my man?”

    “Possibly, but all hope is not lost. You just need to get back in God, trust His direction and He will have mercy on you!

    "But in all of these, know that an unbeliever or a believer with habitual sins/character issues is a no-go-area.” Click To Tweet
    "Thanks Joy! I'm blessed!"
    "I pray that God will lead you indeed!"

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    1 Corinthians 2:9 (KJV)  
    But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

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