Qualities Every Lover Should Possess and Look Out For 

  • I woke up fresh in the Holy Ghost this morning. I want to pray for you! 

    These words are not premeditated, I have not preached or taught them before, in fact this is the first time this morning I saw the verses like that, so I really want you to take note because these words are meant for someone.

    I want to write to you this morning as a father would write his son or daughter on qualities to watch out for in deciding who to get married to.
    And if you are already married, these are the qualities to pray into your spouse.
    Son 1:15-17 (KJV)  
Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes.  [16]  Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green.  [17]  The beams of our house are cedar, and our rafters of fir.
    Let’s get into this by the Holy Spirit.

    1. Beauty and Comeliness 

    Son 1:15-17 (KJV)  

    Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair…
    The word fair means “goodly, pleasant, well.”

Attraction is important.
    Physical endearment is of utmost importance.
    The pulchritude should not be ignored in the equation of marriage.

    Get married to someone that you are attracted to.

God will never lead you to someone you hate with a passion. He is not an author of confusion.

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    No matter how many dreams you had about someone, if he or she is someone you loathe and despise, do not be coerced into a relationship by some spiritual experience you can't prove its source.

    He should be pleasant to your eyes.

    She should be pleasant to your eyes.

    After wedding, you should wake up singing in the Spirit when you behold him or her.

    Not pleading the blood of Jesus against him or waking up with a hiss and regret.

    So, this is important, okay.
    Marriage is not a hundred meter dash, it is a marathon and you are in it for the long haul. 

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    So, your lover must be pleasant.

In reality, nobody is ugly.

    Beauty is in the beholder’s eye

    Your lover may not be pleasant to all, but he or she must be pleasant to you. That is all that matters.

    2. Character 

    Son 1:15-17 (KJV)  
…thou hast doves' eyes.
    The dove is a gentle bird. It often symbolizes peace.

    So, this talks about character.

    After physical appearance, then you must take into cognizance the inner beauty.

    Outer beauty without inner character is a disaster. Click To Tweet

The flesh of my flesh, that talks about outer beauty.

The bone of my bones, this deals with character, inner structure, the inner frame supporting and holding the outer beauty in place.

    This is important.

    Can you vouch for his or her character?

Will he raise his hands to beat you when he is angry?

    Then, he is not qualified.

    Will she pack her things and go sleep in a friend’s house over simple altercations?

    Then, you need to be careful.

    Has he slapped you once? You need to be careful.
    He has shown you sample of what is to come!
God has presented you with an opportunity to know what he or she is like!

Love is not stupid. Love doesn't turn you into an idiot. Think. Ask questions. Don't walk blindly into a marriage that could mar destinies for life. 

    3. Green Bed

    Son 1:16 (KJV)  
Behold, thou art fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: also our bed is green.

    The bed must remain green and fresh.

Putrefaction must not set in as a result of iniquity and pre-marital affairs!

    When the bed has been stained red with compromise, wrong seeds have been sown.

    As you go into that relationship, make up your mind that the bed must remain green!

    Do not soil the bed with iniquity, because as you lay your bed so you lie on it.

In essence, everything you do before your wedding date is a seed, a foundation for your marriage.

If he wants to stain the bed by all means, let him go, maybe he is not yours!

    If she wants to drag you into the bed before the time, beware lest you are dealing with a strange woman.

If you are already married, keep your bed green and avoid all forms of adultery including emotional affairs.
    If you are entangled or about to be entangled, seek help. Don't keep quiet.
    Iniquity is perpetuated in the atmosphere of secrecy.

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    4. Depth and Wisdom

Son 1:17 (KJV)  

    The beams of our house are cedar, and our rafters of fir.

    The beams talks about that which supports a house.
    A house is built by wisdom.

A foolish husband is a disaster.

    A foolish woman is clamorous.

    Your lover should have a penchant for wisdom.

    He or she must be growing.

    The beams of your house must be cedar, not just some stick out there. 

    If the beams of your house are not cedars, there won’t be shade when marital heat comes!

    Go after wisdom.

    Does your lover put the word of God first place?

    You need wisdom to build a home!

    Pro 9:1 (KJV)  

    Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars:

    Study God’s word. Spend time there.
    That is how to get wisdom.

Do not fall in love with a vain person.

    A marriage cannot be sustained on adrenaline and promises alone.

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    Depth and wisdom is required.
    Watch our for these!

    I pray for you this morning, God will send every help you need into your life to move you from where you are to where you ought to be in Jesus name!

    I pray for all who are married, God will surround you with His love and and cover every mistake with His mercies in Jesus name.

I pray for all singles who are struggling with one form of compromise or the other, God will set you free. 

    I curse every form of oppression in your life, I cancel every plan of the devil over your life and I declare that the counsel of God will stand in your life, relationship and marriage in Jesus name!

    Be blessed!
    A word of prayers for all KHC Partners: God will smile on you! You are deeply appreciated.

    I have wisdom to rule

    I put a stop to all oppression in my life

    Pro 9:1 (MSG)  
    Lady Wisdom has built and furnished her home; it's supported by seven hewn timbers.

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