Signs That He Is Really In Love With You

  • Dear Pastor, how can I know that he is really in love?

    Well, you can know.

It is so easy to know but we often close our eyes to the obvious signs. 

I am going to use myself as an example. 

    Ours is a typical campus lovebirds story.

    There are ways I felt and there are things I did.

    While these may not be specific things he must do as well, they are just to guide you in actually knowing whether the love is genuine.

    1. I wanted to be with her always

    More than anything, I wanted to be around her. 

Something is not in place when he is not bothered about not seeing you in months.
    A lady once told me she is preparing for marriage and yet the husband-to-be had not seen her in two years despite that they were just a few kilometers apart. Well, it turned out that he eventually left her for another person.

    2. I felt like I was her protector 

    We all know God is her protector, but I had that feeling I was responsible for her.
    This feeling engendered compassion which in turn informed my actions towards her. 

    If you have been slapped, be careful.

    If you have been forcefully violated be careful.

If you have been left in the cold because he was angry not minding your safety, be careful.

If you have been massively embarrassed and shouted upon in front of friends and families, be careful. 

    3. I wanted her to be happy

I couldn't bear the sight of her being moody or downcast.

    I would always try to make her laugh, quote scriptures to her about the joy of the Lord and all that.

If he doesn't care about you being sad and depressed for days as a result of his actions, be careful.
    Things are not likely to change after wedding.

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If he doesn’t care about you being pregnant again despite the trauma of abortion you went through, you need to speak to your legs. 

    Abortion is murder, it should not be trivalised.
    By the time you have aborted twice, you really need to review your life and get out of that abusive relationship that will lead nowhere. 

    4. I was creative in my expression of love to her 

    I studied her to find out what makes her happy. 

And then I went out of my way to create some of those things like cards, paintings and so on.

I have a way with words, so I made full use of that.

    He should be willing to sacrifice some things for your happiness. 

    5. I was willing to wait and not compromise

I was content on waiting.
    I was not a pastor then, but I knew it was wrong.

    I wouldn’t want to push her into sin.

There is a problem when he is insisting you should sin with him. Click To Tweet

It is one thing if he is an unbeliever, but if he is a child of God and he is telling you to do that, something is really wrong somewhere. 

    6. I prayed for her more that I prayed for myself 

    I found it easy to pray for her. I was fulfilled doing that. 

    All my personal prayer points were suspended.
    I just prayed for her and I was okay with that. 

    If he loves you, he would always mention you before God. Click To Tweet

Something is really amiss when someone who says he is in love with you prays for himself regularly and forgets to mention your name!

    7. I wanted her to grow spiritually

I bought her books. 

I got her enough material that would help her spiritually.

    We shared books. We had Word vigils of just studying God’s word.

A relationship doesn't survive only because you went out, went to cinemas, and had a lot of fun. There are spiritual exercises that are needed.

    Rom 14:17 (KJV)  
For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
    8. I wrote her a lot of poems and love letters

There was no Facebook or Whatsapp. No E-Mail. No phones.
    So, I resorted to writing letters. 

    Over twenty years, those letters are still with us.

Letters are powerful.
And it is easier today because you can communicate using several media.

    Stay in touch.

    When he has not called you in weeks, he is not in love with you. I can assure you!

When a guy is getting ready to drop a lady, he would simply stop calling.

If as a lady, you find out you are the one driving a relationship, he never calls and he never returns your call, it is time to wake up into reality. He has moved on!

    9. I was willing to buy things for her at my own expense 

    Out of meager income, I bought her what I could. 

I had to deprive myself some of the time to do that. 

    Love gives. Love delights in giving.

    When he is in love, he would give without you having to ask anything.

    I am scared of guys who had never given a dime and yet keep receiving all kinds of gifts.

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    That is a one-way relationship. It is not mutual and it would not last.

    10. I was constantly in touch

I knew what was going on with her every time. I assisted in writing her final year thesis. 

A man that loves you will not forget to call you in three weeks.

In fact, he would stay in touch with till you feel it is too much.

When you say you are in love and yet you don't even know his second name or where he works, something is not quite right.

I pray for you today, your precious time will not be wasted. 

    God will strengthen you and correct ever relationship errors in Jesus name!

    Be blessed.

    Kindly share if you are blessed and kindly sow a seed if you are led.

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    I will not be confused

    Lord, lead me by your Spirit 

    Rom 14:17 (MSG)  
    God's kingdom isn't a matter of what you put in your stomach, for goodness' sake. It's what God does with your life as he sets it right, puts it together, and completes it with joy.

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