Signs That She Is Really In Love With You

  • By Pastor Sophia
    Yesterday, my husband shared with us, signs to show that a man loves you.
    I will be talking about some signs to show that a lady loves you.
    If you are going out with a lady with marriage in view and you can't observe these signs, you may need to check if she really loves you.
    Love is a verb, not a noun and so there has to be actions to prove its existence. Click to Tweet
    1. She will want to always be around you
    While we were in courtship on campus. I enjoyed my fiancé company and always wanted to be around him. We were together a lot of the time. This has also continued till now.
    2. She will always want to listen and obey you
    One of the proofs that a lady loves you is her willingness to listen and obey you. The balance here is that it has to be unto the Lord.
    For example, he asks you to send your nude pictures and you did. That is not obedience, it is foolishness.
    I always delight in hearing him talk to me. He was not generally a talker but whenever we were together, he always had something to share and it was my delight to listen.
    3. She will be concerned about your welfare
    I was always concerned about his well being, even when he gave the impression he was strong enough to handle tough and rough times.
    4. She will always pray for you Click to Tweet
    I had prayers and confessions I took daily for him, just to cover him in prayers. I still do that till now. I am my husband's intercessor. I pray for him several times in the day.
    5. She will be interested in your assignment
    Once I knew my fiancé was going to end up in the Ministry, I totally embraced all that Ministry entails. The rigors, toughness and what looked like uncertainty didn't really matter to me.
    I clung to the scriptures that says Faithful is He that has called who also will do it.
    6. She will be willing and ready to stick with you
    She will be willing and ready to stick with you through thick and thin. Even though by make up, I would have preferred a more easygoing and more less intense lifestyle, I was ready to go through whatever it is with him.
    7. She will be willing and ready to give to you
    There is no love without giving. I was ready to give my all to him. In fact whatever I had was never considered as mine and it's the same thing with him. I had to consider him first and was never tired of giving to him. The only thing you should not give before wedding is your body!
    8. She will rejoice at your success
    My joy and fulfillment was fullest whenever my fiancé was making progress in his calling and Ministry. His fulfillment was and is still my joy.

    Pro 31:11 (MSG)
    Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it.
    9. She will laugh with you and laugh at your jokes Click to Tweet
    As insignificant as this may sound, it's a sign of love and excitement at his company.
    I laughed so much that I knew he had what it takes to make me happy. I never ignored him, his jokes or whatever he stood for.
    "I am really scared of ladies who laugh at other people's jokes even when it is not funny but are irritated at the homourous efforts of their loved one" - Pastor Dunamis
    10. She will not deliberately disrespect or hurt you, whatever the issue.
    I never disrespected him then nor hurt him deliberately to the best of my ability. I always sought to learn and read books on how best to care, respect and support him.
    I still seek and make efforts to respect, honor, care and support him as much as I have the understanding to.
    May God grant us more understanding.

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