Dear Pastor, Is There A Way Out For Me? 

  • There are times in life when everything seems not to be working.

    There are seasons in life when you almost begin to doubt if you will ever come though.

    There are marital problems that look like it ’s going to be forever.
    There are marriages that are full of blisters rather than bliss.
    Irresponsible husbands, difficult wives, wayward children, dysfunctional families and it just kind of look like there is no way out!

Some people have even stopped praying, thinking there is no way out.

    You might have searched for jobs so much that you think there is no point again.

People even help you to conclude that there is no other way out.

    They look at you and say with the way things are, you might not get married. 

    They look at you and draw their conclusions because of of your circumstances.

    Psa 3:2 (KJV) 

    Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God.
    When your situation gets MANY people and not just a few wagging their tongues that it is over, what do you do?

Many people, and not just a few conclude that even God cannot help you!

    The impossibility of your situation resulted in their human permutations. 

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    Has somebody ever told, you, “where is your God?”

    Even before people said anything, have you said to yourself, “God, where are you?”

    God sent me to you this morning.

    I have a word for you this morning.

 The very next verse says,
    Psa 3:3 (KJV)  
But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
    It doesn’t really matter what people have said. 

    With God, the experts can be wrong.

    The Lord is your shield, your glory and the lifter up your head.

    Man will not be able to lift up your head.
    If they do, they will drop it soonest, because it is a job meant for Jehovah.

    Have men not concluded there is no help they can offer?

    But thou, O Lord….

It did not say, thou, O God.

    It is deliberate.

Is God your Lord?

    Have you made Him Lord?

If He is your Lord, you can rest, it is a matter of time, He will lift up your head!

    The word "GOD" is general. He is everybody's God.
    But the word "LORD" is specific.
    If He is your Lord, then He is committed until it is completed.
    If He is your Lord, then He is your shield and your glory!
    When you say, "He is my Lord," what you are saying is "He is my owner!
    Hey! The Lord is my owner. He owns me!
    Every area where your head is bowed, God will lift it up.

    Every area where you are struggling, God will send you help. 

    Every area of seemingly shame, God will step in.

Whatever makes you hide from your contemporaries, God will remove it.

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    He is the lifter up of your head. 

    You are going to have the victory.

    When God lifted up the head of Joseph, a prisoner and a stranger become a prime minister.

When God lifted up the head of Rahab, a harlot became great grandmother of Jesus.

    When God lifted up the head of David, a shepherd boy, a forgotten sibling became a king.

    When God lifted up the head of Jabez, he was more honorable. 

    When God lifted up the head of an illiterate Nigerian bread seller, she was featured on CNN.

    Now, when God lifts up YOUR head, …… fill the gap!

    What can God not do?
    I see God doing a brand new thing in your life.

That door will open.

That job will become a reality.

    That promotion will become a reality.

That wedding is here!

    The right man will find you.

    You will find the right woman.

    You will carry your own children with your hands.
    They thought it is over with you, but God says I am the lifter up your head.

    And when God lifts up your head, no man can bring it down!

    Believe it.

    From today, you will see the hand of the Lord. 

    You will soon rejoice.

So shall it be in Jesus name!

    Thanks to all KHC Partners, God will honour you everlastingly for all your seeds sown. Be blessed.

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    The Lord  is the lifter up of my head

    Lord, lift up my head

    Psa 3:3 (CEV)  But you are my shield, and you give me victory and great honor.


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