How To Know If You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship


Emotional abuse is a weapon normally used to control and bring dominance upon the other person.
    This is often because the abuser has past childhood wounds and insecurities the are still fresh, mostly because they were abused themselves.

    Do not cope with an emotionally abusive relationship.
    At the end of the day, it is never worth it.

    Emotionally abusive relationships end up damaging your self-esteem and dignity.

It often involves a consistent pattern of verbal attacks, threats, bullying, and unending criticism, using tools like manipulation, intimidation and shaming.

    In emotionally abusive relationship, a form of deception is involved.
    This is because the victim usually would not see the experience as abusive.
    Coping mechanisms of denial are developed in order to subdue the attack.
    However, the effects of long-term emotional abuse will cause emotional trauma and upheaval resulting in several dysfunctions and complications.

Emotional abuse can be debilitating and traumatic.

Now, let’s identify some sure signs that you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship. 

    1. Your Individuality is in question
You are viewed as an extension of themselves rather than as an individual.
    Your opinions are disrespected and you are constantly reminded that without them, you are nothing. Your suggestions and ideas are trampled.

    When you find yourself in such, it is time to walk away.
    2. Unending Chastisement 

    Your are corrected or chastised for your behaviors, almost all the time and publicly too.
    There is nothing you do that is right. Every word you speak is an error. 

    3. False Accusation

    You are dubbed “over-sensitive” in order that you can continue coping with the unending abuse and manipulations. You are constantly to told to “grow up!”

    4. Blame Shift

    You are constantly blamed you for their woes, problems, difficulties, lack, failure and unhappiness. Click To Tweet
    You are told that you are the reason for any misfortune in their lives.
    You are constantly reminded that everything with them was okay until you came into their lives.

    5. Withdrawal

    They are adept in withdrawing into their shells in order to punish you and demand your attention. They disengage and use neglect, abandonment, and measured withdrawals to punish, frighten and intimidate you.

    6. You are always in the wrong

    They make you feel that they are always right, and you are wrong. They would arrange facts and sentiments to prove that to you over and over again until you start thinking there is a curse on you, or that some people are fighting you spiritually from your village. 

    7. Control over you finances

    They try to control your finances and how you spend money. Your credit card is permanently with them.
    They tell you what to buy and what not to buy. You are told that you are a careless spender and and you cannot mange money well.
    They end up emptying your account from month to month and keep threatening you that they will leave you and you will not be able to survive.

I will have to stop here this morning. 

    How do you walk away? We will be looking at that tomorrow. 

    God has made you free from such manipulative relationships!

    Psa 124:7 (KJV)  

    Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
The snare of the soul has been broken by the Lord Jesus Christ. Click To Tweet
    Do not subject yourself under any weak and beggarly element again!

    You have been made free!

    I pray for all who might be in an emotionally draining and abusive alliance.
    I break the power of such deceptions and manipulations in Jesus name and I proclaim you free in Jesus name!

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    Whosoever the son of man has made free is free indeed!
    You are free from today in Jesus name!

I pray for all our partners, any form of snares around you are broken today in Jesus name!
    You have escaped from all oppression in Jesus name!

    Be blessed!

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    I am free in Jesus name

    I proclaim m freedom in Jesus name

    Psa 124:7 (MSG)  
    We've flown free from their fangs, free of their traps, free as a bird. Their grip is broken; we're free as a bird in flight.


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