Why Men Delay Or Run From Getting Married

  • I have often been asked why guys often delay in marriage.
    From ladies’ expectations towards court marriage, church marriage or traditional marriage, there have been so many disappointments and sudden cancellations.
    Often times, people enter relationships without marriage counseling of any form. These days, there are many good and godly marriage therapists especially in form of online marriage counseling.
    The single as well as the married are supposed to take advantage of all these in order to ensure that mistakes are avoided.
Here are some reasons why men often delay or develop a sore foot when it comes to getting married.
    1. They are actually not ready
Most of the times, the guys are not ready. So when you start talking about marriage, they hear you with one side of the ear and allow it to escape through the other.
    They will usually ask you to wait or even get angry when you bring up the subject.
    Don't waste your time trying to beg him, he is simply not ready.
    If you successfully push him into marriage, he would complain for a long time at any slight pressure.
    2. They are scared of responsibilities
Another reason is that an average man is just scared of the responsibilities involved especially if he has gone through the trauma of being raised in a broken home or by a divorcee.
    It all has a way of influencing his perspectives to marriage.
    Only God’s word can bring renewal of mind and a balanced outlook to what marriage really is.
    3. They are not ready to raise a family
They may just not be ready to raise a family. In his mind, someone is still raising him as far as he is concerned.
    He is still Mummy’s boy.
    If you marry a mummy's boy, the mummy will rule your home, in reality or by proxy. Click To Tweet
    4. They don’t want to lose all the attention they get from girlfriends

    He may just still be that handsome boyfriend that all other girlfriends are doting over.
    So he wants to enjoy the attention and he feels marriage will take that attention away.
    5. They still want to have fun

    He is a party freak and he knows that marriage will ‘imprison’ him.
    So, he prefers to stay acquitted and discharged.
    He has a warped view of what marriage really is.
    He might still want to also stay in touch with his ex or exes for sexual gratification.
    6. They are not really in love
He may not really be in love with you. He may just be holding unto you because of the jeru trip he gets constantly. Click To Tweet
    As far as he is concerned, marriage is all about jeru trip.
    Since he can get it now, then there is no need to take it to the next level with deeper commitments, especially when finances would be involved.
    7. They don’t want any commitment yet
He is just not interested in having any commitments because he believes he wouldn’t have that ‘time’ to himself again.
    8. They are just not sincere

    He may just not be sincere with you.
    So he keeps postponing and postponing when in reality, he is not going to get married to you.
    This is nothing short of designer wickedness!
    9. They have not made up their minds on who they want

    He is still unsure of who the best is among his numerous girlfriends.
    And that is the where the problem is, double dating and pre-maritals brings confusion into the soul.
    The more girls he gets involved with in his bid to decide, the more confused he becomes.
    The more he looks, the less he sees until he can see nothing in the midst of everything! Click To Tweet
    10. They don’t really understand the biblical concept of marriage
When a man doesn’t have a relationship with God, he would not really understand the true purpose of marriage and that would eventually inform his actions and decisions.
    That is why as a marriage counselor, I often say that it is unwise to get involved with a man that doesn’t truly love God!
    A word to married people – If you are married to him already and he doesn’t show any commitments or you feel he is irresponsible, the fundamental issue to tackle first is his relationship with God and you do that by praying for him to encounter salvation.
    You see, when a man truly loves God, it does something to him, he would want to truly please God and one of the ways he does that is to love his family and be responsible.

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