31 Days of That Which is Good For Singles and Married

  • For months, God began to minister to me about engaging in some intercession exclusively for KHC members. It is important to get into the move of the Spirit and to be sensitive.

    For days, I struggled with this trying to be sure exactly how to go about this, but the more God spoke with me.

 I initiated a telegram group with over a thousand members but it didn't quite give me the tools I wanted.
    However, when I saw Halleluyah Challenge, Olowogbogboro, going on with Nathaniel Bassey, I got ideas on how to proceed with what has been on my mind. By the way, all of you should participate fully in that. God is there!
    I am particularly persuaded that God has something definite He wants to do.
Hence, from 1st July - 31st July, 12.00-1.00am, Pastor Sophia and I would be online to lead us in worship, warfare and strategic prayers particularly for anything that has to do with relationships and marriages.
    There are yokes, but they can be broken. Many of you have called me on phone expressing your fears and present situation.

    Now is the time to violently take what belongs to you. There is no better time to do this than in the night seasons.
    God said 
plagues would be stayed, afflictions would be terminated, curses would be broken, delays would be stopped, weddings would take place, fruit of the womb would be granted, husbands would show up, wives would be seen and much more numerous miracles to much to be pronounced.
    You might have been crying, almost giving up, frustrated, and tired, but hear me, the God of KHC is about to arise for us on KHC. If you are a member or partner with KHC, get ready!
    We might have seen some incredible miracles on KHC in time past, but God is saying this will be the greatest outpouring and unleashing of blessings and miracles ever on KHC.
    God wants to do THAT WHICH IS GOOD
    #thatwhichisgood #july1to31
    Mark your calendar! Get ready! Spread the word.

    You can download above flier HERE  for use on social media
    Here is the scripture God gave me for this onslaught.
    Psa 85:10-13 (KJV)  

    Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.   [11]  Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.  [12]  Yea, the LORD shall give THAT WHICH IS GOOD; and our land shall yield her increase.  [13]  Righteousness shall go before him; and shall set us in the way of his steps.

    Verse 12 says the Lord shall give that which is good! What is it that will be classified as good unto you now? Just fill the gap! 

    One of the things that is good is a spouse!
    Remember the scripture, He that finds a wife finds GOOD?

    Get ready!
    We will accompany this 31 days with fasting or partial fasting as the case may be!
    I am excited already because the truth about your true position in heaven is about to spiring forth.
    Singles or Married, get ready!
    We will be broadcasting and going live from 12.00am -1.00am daily throughout July which is also the month of perfection, hence God will perfect all that concerns you!

    Listen to me, whatever issue it is that has to do with relationships, marriages, finances and homes, they are coming down and you are having the victory in Jesus name!
    More Info will come your way!
    What to do now!

    1. Join the all the platforms where we will be going live, if you haven't done so yet.

    a. Facebook - kissesnhuggs
    b. Instagram - kissesandhuggsclub
    d. Get Reminders, Devotional Links and Prayer Links in FB Messenger. - https://m.me/kissesnhuggs
    Part 2
    Set in order those things that are lacking in families
    By Pastor Sophia
    Yesterday was Father's Day and a good opportunity to celebrate all fathers on KHC.
    May God anoint you all with fresh grace and unction to function as fathers indeed.
    I would like us all to also celebrate our own father on KHC - Pst Dunamis Okunowo.
    Let us pray that God's grace and mercy will rest upon him abundantly. That God will unleash a new season of blessings upon him. As he has been a blessing to us all, may God honor and remember him. May he receive the help of God in every area of his life in Jesus name.
    Fathers are important as leaders to chart the course and direction that the family will and should go. They constantly need our prayers.
    The family unit as instituted by God is supposed to possess certain qualities. Most of these qualities are either lacking or inadequate.
    God wants to put these things in place in our families. We have to be willing and obedient to partake of this graciousness of God.
    Our duty as married couples is to ensure that at all times these qualities are present in our marriages. God's intention is that our homes and marriages become as heaven on earth. Where there is full bliss in all sense of the word.
    As covenant children of God, we are supposed to enjoy a blissful marriage. Our homes and families are supposed to reflect the glory of God. I pray that our homes will be filled with the very presence of God.
    Here are some of the ingredients every family should possess, and I pray God will help each family get to the point where all these are present in our families.
    1. Gods kind of love in its purest form.
    2. Vision
    3. Understanding
    4. Unhindered communication
    5. Affection
    6. Trust
    7. Conducive atmosphere for each member of the family to express their uniqueness.
    8. Financial stability or prosperity
    9. Mutual Respect
    10. Submission to one another
    11. Forgiveness.
    12. Growing together
    13. Mercy and compassion
    14. Family altar - God's presence and Glory.
    15. Intercession
    16. Peace
    17. Joy
    18. Emotional & sexual fulfillment
    19. Emotionally balanced children
    20. Covenant friendship.
    We should all begin to work together with our spouses as a team to accomplish and ensure all of these qualities are well established in our families.
    The truth is that there is no real success if the family unit fails to maximize its potentials.
    May God help us all.

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    1Ti 2:8 (KJV)  
    I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting7


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