Questions To Ask Him When He Looks Like Mr.Right 

  • Yes, he is asking you out, you have prayed or you are praying, he is looking more like it, what do you do as the lady before ultimately giving your heart to him?
    Well, what you do is to ask questions.

In the process of asking questions, you will conclude whether you are with the right person or not.

    His responses to the questions would show his depth, his preparedness, his state of heart, how he thinks and what he would likely do in certain circumstances. 

    These questions, essentially are not to knock off God’s direction but to affirm that which is in your heart concerning what God is saying.

    The responses to the questions would also wake you up in case you are just in some romantic and unrealistic island of love, or you are just simply hung on a crush.

    Job 40:7 (AMP)  
    Gird up your loins now like a man; I will demand of you, and you answer Me.

    Job 40:7 (MSG)  
    "I have some more questions for you, and I want straight answers.

    Job 40:7 (CEV)  
    Face me and answer the questions I ask!

    Here are few questions to ask him after he has asked you out.

    1. Why me?
    Why not another person? What do you see in me that warranted your decision? 

    The response to this question would show whether his intention is genuine or not.
    You see, when someone is telling a lie or pretending, it shows in his speech patterns, when he is saying the truth and communicating from his heart, it also shows. 

    You must not allow the feelings of love to becloud your judgement in picking out loose ends in the responses. 

    Let him face the panel. lol…
    2. Conviction

    What is his conviction?
    The response to this question will help you determine the source of the move and the motive of the heart.

Who told him you are the one?

How did he really get to know?

This kind of questions helps you too know if it is just a playful thing he has in mind or the real deal.

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So, you are nearing thirty, and you really don’t have time for some adolescent fling that will lead nowhere!
    3. Plans 

    What are his immediate and future plans?
    You are asking this too know if his plans will accommodate and complement your own.
    There are some career combinations that just would not go together.

    Find out if you are getting married to a sailor that may not be around six months of the year!

If you are very clingy and you cannot bear seeing people around your husband, then don’t marry a Pastor!

    4. Sisters and Mum?

    How does he relate with mum and sisters?

It is an indication of how he would relate with you!

    If you hear him over the phone shouting and screaming at his siblings, well, the handwriting is clear on the wall what you should expect in a few weeks after wedding.
    5. Values

What are his values in life?

If he goes like “I am a free thinker. I only attend church when I feel like.” 

That shows some value conflict, right?

If your values are at variance, it is an indication that numerous quarrels and disagreements are in the offing.

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    On a final note, please understand these questions are not to turn you into a questionnaire!
    The intent is not to use questions to disregard God’s direction.

    If all your questions are not properly answered and yet you have the peace of God, please proceed, because it is only God that knows tomorrow.

    However, in such cases, you have to make sure it is really peace, and not a feeling.

It is important to ask these questions, pray and seek God’s direction before falling in love.

    When you have fallen in love, you really would not care about any questions or answers!

I pray that God will grant us more understanding. 

    You will not miss it in Jesus name!

    Ee o ni bo si owo alawin ni oruko Jesu! (You won’t fall in love with the wrong person in Jesus name)

    Dear KHC Partners, we love you! Thanks for your continual support. God is committed to you until its is completed!

    Be Blessed!

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    I will not miss it

    Lord, lead me aright  

    Col 4:6 (CEV)  
    Be pleasant and hold their interest when you speak the message. Choose your words carefully and be ready to give answers to anyone who asks questions.


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