His Purse: Knowing Who To Marry Season 4 

  • “I cannot marry a man who doesn’t have car!”

“He must be rich, otherwise, no wedding!”

    “I have ported to Olorunsogo, I’m no longer in Surulere!”

“I don’t care if he is not good looking, as long as he has money!”

These and more statements are what flies around this days.

    It is good to desire good things, but man will never be your source!

It is important to understand this truth. 

    Men should be responsible, financially grounded with good jobs, but they would never become your Jehovah Jireh.

    Asking a guy for a car before you can say yes is a wrong approach altogether. 

    You must be sure you are in love with the person and not with the purse. Click To Tweet

    You are getting married to the man, not his ATM.

    Don’t ever make the mistake of using his purse to determine your decision to marry him or not.

    The contents of the purse are not always permanent, things often change with time.

In the heart of God, He knows the right person for you.

    The person He has for you is His best plan for your life.

    Who He has for you will not turn you into a widow after five years.

    Who He has for you will not turn you into a punching bag after a while.

It is only God that can dig out a man who will still love you in another fifty years.

It is only God that knows the man who will gracefully combine the role of a responsible husband and a responsible father.

It is only God that knows a broke man who is on his way to being rich and a rich man who is on his way to being broke.

    It is only God who knows the man that will provide an enabling environment for you to blossom, for your gifts to come alive and for your productivity to be at the maximum. 

    So, it becomes important to allow God’s purpose to supersede man’s purse.

    The purpose is greater than the purse. Click To Tweet
    A fat purse without a purpose in life will soon go empty.

    Don’t be caught up with mammon spirit, wherein, money is the decision fulcrum.

Let God have the final say.

    He only knows tomorrow. 

    He only knows the eye that will not begin early to issue out pus!

    Before you find out about his bank account, find out about God’s account of him. Click To Tweet
    That is how to do it right. 

    I pray that God will give you direction indeed and that He will show you His plans for your life in Jesus name!
    This is appreciating all our consistent partners at KHC, thanks for giving unto the Lord. God will continually water you as you water others in Jesus name!

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    I am following after God

    I will not be caught up with mammon spirit

    Mat 6:24 (MSG)  
    "You can't worship two gods at once. Loving one god, you'll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other. You can't worship God and Money both.

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