That Which Is Good For You In Relationship, Marriage and Life

  • The next few days in the month of July are defining moments for us in KHC and SGC!

I cannot emphasize this enough, but something definite is happening in your life.

I know you have prayed before, but what makes this special is that God called for it.

    We are not going on Instagram to amass followers or with some ulterior motives.
    God called for this!
    Any time God calls for prayers, something is about to happen.

    I want you to be a part of this spiritual adventure.

    This 31 days in July can be a defining moment in your entire life.

    A lot of KHCites have called to narrate their experiences, delays, stagnation, and so on, well, here is the answer to all of that.

    God is going 

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    The last time we came together and fasted for forty days, all kind of miracles reverberated across the world.
    Those testimonies are well documented.
    Here are a few of them:

    I want to appreciate and bless God for the 7 days prayer and fasting. God is indeed faithful. My introduction is happening soon, all to the glory of God and Wedding Date fixed already. What men could not do, God made it happen. Praise the Lord!

I want to thank God for the provision of free accommodation. During the 40 days fasting and prayers, one of my prayer request for my fiance and I was to get a 3 bedroom flat before our marriage in a particular area. We didn’t have enough money to rent the accommodation we liked in our choice area, but we were given a 3 bedroom flat for free in an area that was far different from our desire. To me I felt God hasn’t answered my prayer the way I wanted it but yesterday I felt I was ungrateful to God by not thanking him and sharing this testimony. I asked HIM for forgiveness and decided to share this testimony this morning. We are still trusting God to move to our choice area before the end of this year. I am 101% sure that HE that did this is more than able to do more than we desire.


    I thank God for the favour He granted me. He is the God of possibilities. I was posted to a place in Ogun State for my National Youth Service Corp. I just didn’t like the place. In attempting to change from that LGA I was told it’s very impossible. People that wanted to help as soon as they hear the name of that LGA they will tell me I can’t change it. I kept praying and on the 39th day of the 40 days fast I sowed a seed with an expectation of a change in LGA . To God be the glory what men said it was impossible God sent me help right on time and there was a stress free change in LGA!
    Lucy Oche
    I put in this prayer request during the 40 day fast (on the 18th of may) Asking that the person sitting on my research proposal for months will release it before the end of the month. Today is d last day of the month and I just got a call it has been approved. I bless the name of the Lord and thank

    I want to bless the name of the Lord concerning my sister’s promotion at her place of work! During the 40 days fasting and prayers, I kept on emphasizing the phrase that her promotion is not denied of her (because she has been denied for a number of years). Despite all the hurdles, God promoted her two days ago! God bless your ministry Dad and mum Dunamis! Glory to God
    During the 40 days fast, one of the things i prayed for was my job. I told God that my place of work should yield increase, favor and promotion that will break protocol. At the end of the fast, God began to open doors of favor, I was recommended by the GMD for task that are way above my level on the basis that he believes I am competent.
    And when it seemed like there was opposition as a result of the recognition given me by the top management, I held my peace and God fought for me, indeed, the Spirit of God raised a standard. I almost didn’t give this testimony, but when I looked at the fact that I joined this company just four months ago and God has brought me this far….hmmm. I am overwhelmed.
    There is no management meeting in which my input and presence is not required. This can only be God. I bless God for this and the many other blessings I know He is bringing my way. Now, my heavens are opened. Expect more testimonies from me. The devil is a liar. I MUST TESTIFY!!!
    I am grateful to God on the last day of the 40 days fast, my fiancé proposed wedding to me. I give God all the praises. God is great. God bless the visioners Pst Dunamis and his wife
    Sotonye Becky Harry
    Praise the Lord! I thank God for the Grace to wait for 40 days here on KHC and SGC. God provided a shop space for me with ease on Thursday just before the end of our fast, the rent was not beyond what I bargained, I am really favored because the space is like ready made, so many things were already in place in that shop (no extra fee), I didn’t go through any agent, God was the agent … I’m also thanking Him for all other things He has done which I will soon testify to.
    Ekisola Modupeoluwa
    I want to thank God for His supernatural intervention, after the forty days fast I began to see raw manifestation of the proclamation ” I am helped by the Holy Spirit” What I could not effectively do for twenty years under two months. I have achieved so much, am perplexed, amazed. I praise the name of the Lord because this is not by power. yet by the Spirit of the Lord. Hallelujah secondly, I thank God for Divine Break through spiritually , He alone has been faithful. There is a lifting. I praise God for His divine visitation especially through the night prayers and proclamation after the seven days fast.
    F. O
    Just as the forty days fast was coming to an end, I almost became worried that I had not received any sign of some sort nor received any miracle. But then, Pastor Dunamis published a devotional one morning that said we should not give up, and not to be weary...that even if you do not receive what you are expecting within the forty days, that your heavens can still be opened after the fast.
    I held onto that, and persevered with the fast..On the last day, I got a call from a colleague hinting me of an internal job vacancy in one of the Company’s subsidiaries. I applied for that job..and today, I can testify to the Glory of God that I got the job, and it is indeed a wonderful offer that I never anticipated. God elevated me financially, and in my career status, and I know He would do much more for my family and I, and everyone out there seeking his face. Praise God!!
    I hope this blesses someone. I participated in the recently concluded forty day fast. I honestly had no serious expectations and all I asked for was Spiritual growth and for God to bless and continue to uphold my marriage. We encountered a challenge with our accommodation that was affecting our health especially our baby and it became urgent that we move. I told an agent and he promised to get back to me in a week.
    A family friend had shared and  told my husband about a property that she hoped to buy with her husband but because we had money tied up with debtors, it seemed to be not an option for us. I coincidentally asked of the lady and then my husband opened up on the opportunity. I really can’t say why but I wanted us to see the property. We went one Sunday after church then we went to find out the price and extended an offer for a house we didn’t have a kobo to pay for. The agent called me but I didn’t pick his call, I didn’t want this testimony sabotaged and I kept praying that somehow we won’t have to pay for rent again but we will own our property.
    The developer told us categorically that it was only one spot left and we have exactly 20 days to pay the 30 Million for the house. We went home and kept praying, while calling our debtors and family to help. One man owed us 11M and he didn’t respond to us when we called despite the fact that he has held this money for months. I even went to cry at his office but didn’t meet him.
    After 10 days one afternoon while in a meeting at work though thinking and praying about this problem, my husband received the alert for this money. It was like a dream. Without that money, we could never have secured this property. All this happened towards the end of the fast. I give God all the thanksgiving, glory, honour and adoration for this gift to my family in Jesus name. He truly does all things well!!! Alleluia! I also pray that God who did this for me as well as the KHC Event CENTER we had faith for in prayer will do even more to anyone who dares to trust Him for anything that seems too great to be achieved in Jesus name. Amen! God bless this KHC family for me.

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    There are many more, but because of space, we can not share them all.

 We thank God for all these testimonies, but in all of these, this is what gets me excited:

    God said plagues would be stayed, afflictions would be terminated, curses would be broken, delays would be stopped, weddings would take place, fruit of the womb would be granted, husbands would show up, wives would be seen and much more numerous miracles too many to be pronounced.
    You might have been crying, almost giving up, frustrated, and tired, but hear me, the God of KHC is about to arise for us on KHC, If you are a member or partner with KHC, get ready!
    We might have seen some incredible miracles on KHC in time past, but God is saying this will be the greatest outpouring and unleashing of blessings and miracles ever on KHC. 

    Make sure you are connected to KHC on Instagram @kissesandhuggsclub HERE.

I prophesy into your life, God will do that which is good in your life in Jesus name.

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    By Saturday morning, it begins by 12.00am.

All the prayer sessions would be orchestrated by the Holy Spirit Himself, and whatever has been lingering, that has made you cry or worried will be taken away in Jesus name!

    All KHC Partners, this is the time to cry out unto the Lord and say “Lord, Remember my offerings! Send help to me from Zion!

    Psa 20:2-4 (KJV)  

    Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion;  [3]  Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah.  [4]  Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfil all thy counsel.

    It is time for all Partners to connect to God and demand a harvest that would manifest itself in your relationships and marriage!

    Let’s get ready for the unprecedented unleashing and outpouring of blessings and miracles on KHC and SGC!

    Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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    God will do that which is good in my life

    Lord, make a way for me in this month of July

    Psa 20:6 (KJV)  
    Now know I that the LORD saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand.

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