How To Meet The Needs of Boo and Bae of Life

  • Today is Day 5 of TWIG - That Which Is Good! It has been awesome and we have been having testimonies and yet it is just starting! The Lord will give that which is good to you in Jesus name!
    A testimony that came in yesterday:
    Praise the Lord! I want to return all glory to God for healing me, for some time now I have had this pain on my neck but yesterday after the TWIG powerful worship and prayer, I woke up this morning healed I had to turn my neck to be sure I am completely healed, bless Jesus.
    Gimbiya Talmon
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    Now, to today's devotional,
    Buddy and Sade have been married for a few years. During their courtship, their love for each other was out of this world. They loved each other like no man’s business. They were sure they would live happily thereafter.
    But marriage disappointed their expectations. Marriage punctured their love balloon in several places, and the balloon can no longer fly! Now, they are not sure if they really love themselves. They gloated over the fact they used to love each other, but that they have changed now.
    Well, did they really change? No! Marriage only brought the real them out. You may be able to deceive or pretend during courtship and hide under ‘love’, but marriage has a way of exposing you and bringing out the real you.
    What Buddy and Sade do not understand is that they both have needs, and those needs are different! You see, it takes a lot of maturity to leave your own need and focus on meeting your spouse’s needs. If you are always looking out at meeting your own need alone either in courtship or marriage, it will not work out.
    What are the greatest needs of a woman? Once you know them, focus on meeting them and you will have a great relationship or marriage.
    Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. (1 Peter 3:7 KJV)
    The greatest needs of a woman are time and attention. You spend time with her and you give her attention. She interprets that as caring for her.
    The greatest needs of a man are sex and respect! Now let’s look at these nitty-gritty.
    How do you meet these needs of a lady as singles in courtship?
    If you live around the same area, it’s so easy. Schedule time to see each other regularly. That should be natural because when you are love, you want to see her always. I remember when I was in courtship with my wife back then on campus, and it was the Abacha era when there were incessant strikes.
    She would have travelled home and for months, I would long to see her. There were no mobile phones then! So you see, it’s natural to want to see each other. When you are in courtship, and he or she doesn’t long to see you, something is defective right there! If you are in long distance relationship, constant communication should go on.
    However, the goal of seeing each other should not be misplaced. You are seeing each other to get to know him or her the more. You shouldn’t get married to a stranger!
    The goal is to align your souls, to communicate and plan for the future.
    The goal is not to align your bodies! Cough! Cough! Ok? Click To Tweet
    That is to be reserved till marriage. If you flout that, the purpose of courtship is defeated and the devil will throw a monkey wrench into your relationship. Confusion will enter the soul and seeds of mistrust will be planted.
    So you meet her needs by quality discussions, planning for the future, taking her out, looking at temperamental differences and no more!
    Don’t go and sleep over in his or her house in order to spend time with her. You will be spending something else that way! Click To Tweet
    What about the needs of a single guy?
    Obviously, he feels like taking you to bed, whether he is an unbeliever or a Holy Ghost filled, demon casting, fire spitting believer.
    His body is wired the same way and that is what he feels. It is a legitimate need, which must not be met in illegitimate ways. You are not supposed to meet his needs on that level, until marriage.
    So you control yourselves. You put your body under. You wait. You don’t want to disobey God and then lose your peace, lose the lady and then lose God’s favour.
    It is not worth it. Ask Amnon, he lost his life for it! Ask Samson, he was cut off in the midst of his days.
    Married Couples:
    Don’t allow busy schedules to stop you from meeting these all-important needs of each other. You MUST spend time with her and give her attention!
    Continual strife and incessant quarrels will drain you emotionally and will eventually take a toll on your finances. It is not your career first, it is God first, your family second and lastly your ministry, work or career. When this order is flouted, consequences will set in.
    His need for sex is valid within marriage. The scripture says you should enjoy each other. The moment you don’t meet that need, he sees you as disrespectful.
    That need is so intense that if he is denied, and he doesn’t fear God, he will look for it else where, in brothels, with house-helps, and in unlikely places. One of the ways you protect your husband is never to deny him!
    Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency. (1 Corinthians 7:5 KJV)
    Defraud ye not one another….when you deny each other, the Bible calls it fraud! So, don’t allow “419” in your marriage!
    Sex should never be used as punishment or reward. It is a duty and it should be seen as that!
    God will help us all.
    If there be any issue, challenge or storm, I declare God's peace over you in Jesus name!

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