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    Posted by Pastor Dunamis Okunowo January 22, 2015


    1. KHC Publishers
    This is Evangelism arm or KHC on Whatsapp. All you need to do is copy links you are given daily and broadcast/forward to Whatsapp Groups, FB etc. Admin posts only. Join HERE

    2. KHC Group 1 on Whatsapp

    Get KHC Devotional Links. No Discussions. Admin posts only. Join HERE

    3. KHC Partners on Whatsapp
    You can only be added here. If you are one of the KHC partners, please request to be added to the group by chatting up 0818 415 1627 on Whatsapp


    4. KHC Squad on Telegram
    This is Evangelism arm or KHC on Telegram. All you need to do is copy links you are given daily and broadcast/forward to Whatsapp Groups, Telegram Groups, FB etc. Admin posts only. Join HERE

    5. Singles on Telegram
    (Below 25)

    6. Senior Singles on Telegram (Above 25)

    7. Married Couples Only on Telegram

    These Telegram Groups are private. If you want to join, kindly chat up 0818 415 1627 on Whatsapp

Confess Your Way Into Possessions

  • Confessions are powerful. Your mouth is your might. You will always have what you say. Here are some KHC Confessions. Use as applicable

    KHC Daily Confession

    I am sanctified,
    I belong to Kisses and Huggs Club,
    I belong to God's kingdom, I am a member of the unshakable kingdom. I am unshaken, undaunted, and undismayed. in the face of contradictions. I will not compromise, I am satisfied with God, I am gratified with Jesus,
    I am sanctified by the Holy Spirit. I am decided for Jesus and my mind is made up, It is settled, there is no going back, No turning back, no retroversion and no retrogression!

    I am sanctified,
    There is no doubt. My past might have being a mess, But it is now a message. I might have been abused, But I was not reduced. I might have compromised, But I am now consecrated, The flood came against me, But the blood also came for me. Jesus grabbed my arch enemy at the jugular, I can now breathe freely.

    I am Sanctified,
    I put God's word first place in my life,
    I read my Bible daily and I live by the words therein, I live by the Holy Spirit, I walk in the Spirit daily, Meditation of God's word is my habit, I relish in God's word, I value His word.
    I honour His word, I eat His word, I speak His word, I think His word, I breathe His word. Jesus is my Redeemer, He is my Savior, He is my guide, and He is my peace. He is my joy, He is my comfort, He is my Lord, and He rules my life.

    I am sanctified,
    I raise God's standard in this generation,
    I am focused; I am not distracted, deflected or perturbed. I am not flurried and I am not disconcerted, Depression is not my portion, I will not disappoint God, I will not let Him down. By the Spirit of God, I am strengthened and toughened. By the Spirit of God, I am energized and stimulated, By the Spirit of God, I am blessed and favoured. By the Spirit of God, I am fortified and stabilized, By the Spirit of God, I am protected and defended, By the Spirit of God, I am intelligent and level-headed.

    I am sanctified,
    The power of hell is broken.
    Its arsenal is bankrupted. Every negative power is subdued. I conquer every opposition,
    I defeat every enemy. My mind is blessed, renewed, and refreshed, Every soul tie is severed and broken. All wrong bondings are disbanded and dissolved, I have the mind of Christ, Lust loses its power over me. I am an overcomer, a subduer, and surmounter, I am victorious, prosperous and productive

    I am sanctified,
    I am not afraid to say No. According to God's word, I say No. In the name of Jesus, I say No.
    By the power of the Holy Spirit, I say No to all forms of sexual perversions!

    I am sanctified,
    I stand for God, I raise the banner. I am committed to the vision of Kisses and Huggs, I am sold out to its vision, I am aggressively committed, My NO is strong, I live for God,
    My victory is certain, My family, established, Favour is my portion. He has signed with His blood, I have also signed with my service and obedience, All glory to His name. I am blessed today, my result is sure, My testimony, secured, my life surrounded.
    Favour surrounds me today, Joy wells up in me, His word is my light, and his grace upon me. Blessed be His holy name!

    I am sanctified!
    I am satisfied! It is ratified! And GOD is glorified!

    Confession For Wives

    My father, I thank you for the man you have given unto me as my husband and my crown.

    I am submissive to my husband, I adapt myself and I defer to him as the head of the family, just like Jesus is the head of the church. I have reverence for my husband; I respect him, defer to him, rever him and honour him. I esteem my husband; I appreciate, prize and adore him.

    Lord, teach me daily to deeply love my husband. I will not be distracted by negative influences.

    I cultivate inner beauty; I am kind and gracious. I am good and loyal to my husband. I will not be a hindrance to our destiny, but a help-meet suitable for my husband.

    I respect my husband and I allow him to have the last say. Our family is covered by the blood of Jesus.

    I declare that I am a homemaker and a home builder. I receive the grace to function in that which God has called me to as a wife to my husband and a mother to my children. I am not overwhelmed, confused or depressed. I have the joy of the Lord at all times. I am not frustrated and disorganized. I am strengthened in God and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

    We are of the same mind, united in spirit, sympathizing with one another and loving one another.

    I will not scold, tongue lash or berate my spouse but rather I will bless and pray for our welfare, joy and protection everyday. I forgive easily and I declare our family blessed in Jesus name!

    Confessions for Husbands

    Lord, I thank you for my wife and the mother of my children. I thank you for giving me such a great woman as my wife.

    Lord, I declare that I am taught how to live considerably with my wife, I have intelligent recognition of the marriage relationship, I honour my wife as physically the weaker, and so I will never raise my hands against her.

    I declare my prayers are answered because I treat my wife gently and appropriately.

    I am faithful to my wife and she will continually make me happy. I am delighted with my wife’s body and I am excited at her appearance.

    I love my wife and I value her contribution as help-meet in my life. My wife is a virtuous woman and I greatly delight in her.

    My wife is a spring of water and a fresh flowing fountain for me. My wife is lovely as an angel and beautiful as a rose. I will keep taking delight in her body and I will not take her love for granted.

    I honour my wife and I will always protect her. I will listen to her and will not shut her up or mute her.

    We are enamoured by God’s power and our union is blessed. Our family is favoured and it is well with us everyday of our lives.

    We are of the same mind, united in spirit, sympathizing with one another and loving one another.

    I will not scold, tongue lash or berate my spouse but rather I will bless and pray for our welfare, joy and protection everyday. I forgive easily and I declare our family blessed in Jesus name!

    Confessions For KHC Partners

    I thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for enabling me to support His work. Lord, you said in your word that you give seed to the sower. I confess today that I always have what to give to advance your work. I will be faithful to the vows and pledges I have made.

    I declare over my finances, there shall be no lack. I receive the blessings that go with the giver, and I declare today, that I am blessed.

    Because I am a Partner with KHC, I declare that the angel over KHC will undertake for me. I am a financial partner with KHC and so I declare that the anointing over KHC will also rest upon me. I will not be confused in my relationship/ marriage.

    Just as my seed travels round the world to touch lives, my life is also preserved. I am free from the power of iniquity and I am living in the blessing of God.

    Money cometh unto me today! My business is blessed; the works of my hands are blessed. All my needs are met supernaturally, and I have all grace and sufficiency to abound in the good work with KHC.

    Today, I am blessed. Today, as my seed speaks all over the world, doors are opened to me. Favour works for me. I move into my next level in God.

    As testimonies abound on KHC with lives saved, people baptized in the Holy Ghost, and people delivered from sexual perversions, I declare that I am free alongside my family from every plans of the evil one! I am blessed today in Jesus name!

    Have a blessed Sunday! We love you!


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