The ABC Of Knowing True Love For Singles And Married Part 3

  • C - Complementary 

    We’ve taken a look at A for Accept and B for Beauty.

    Today, we continue by the help of the Holy Spirit.
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    So, C stands for complementary 

    Gen 2:18 (AMP)  

    Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet (suitable, adapted, COMPLEMENTARY) for him.
    God said here that He would make a woman, a help meet, suitable, adapted, and complementary.

    A lady is to complement the man, not to compete with him. 

    Not every man will be suitable to complement.

    You will not be able to complement every man.

    There is that special someone who is just the right person. 

    There are some people, you will just be out of sync with them.

    They may be good people, but not all good people are right for you.

    Somebody may be a very good and caring person and yet may not be the the right person for you.

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    Adam never knew there was an Eve that would complement him. 

    But God presented Eve to him and she was what he wanted. 

    Allow God to present.

    And God will always present to you, at your work place, at school environment, in church and several other places.

It is only God that knows that man or woman who will complement you, not just now, but in another fifty years. 

    There are people who you think will complement you but this is not what you can decode or conclude by your physical observation or by a few months of friendship. 

    Who the person is now is one thing.

    Who that person will be in another ten years is another thing.

    Will the caring man today be able to resonate with who he will be in another twenty years or they will be miles apart?

    Will the person that loves you now recognize the person that will still be loving you in another thirty years, or will they be strangers?
    Only God knows such wonderful truths. 

    Your spouse will complement you and even complete you, but you need God’s direction in your decisive moments.

    Place every part and aspects of your life before God.

    Take a look at this scripture in Message Translation:

    Psa 18:20 (MSG)  

    GOD made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him. When I got my act together, he gave me a fresh start.

    God can make that emotional part of your life complete when you place all the pieces before Him.

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    Quit trying to make it work in your own wisdom.
    You have done that by yourself for a few decades and yet there is no head way, it is wise to bring it all before God.

    Let God complete you by helping you to locate that person that will be complementary.

Never interpret your marital future with your past experiences.

    Let God assemble all that seem scattered. 

    Yes, you can be loved.

Yes, you can be cared for.

    Don’t settle for a man who told you to your face that he cannot do without having girlfriends. 

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    Don’t settle for such afflictions.
    You are God’s child and you deserve the best, irrespective of past mistakes. 

    For those who are married, the last part of that scripture says, God can give you a fresh start.

    That is what I pray into your marriage this morning.

    God will give a honeymoon-again experience in Jesus name.

    I come against every hurt, bitterness, every deep seated misunderstanding and unnecessary quarrels attempting to put a wedge between you and your loved one, I remove them in Jesus name. 

    Forgive your husband. I appeal to you and I beseech you.

Forgive your wife. God has made you the head, over the home, show her maturity by letting go of all offenses.
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Love each other again.
    Work together as lovers. 

    Bring all the pieces before God, He will send help speedily in Jesus name. 

    For those in courtship, what has the experience being like?
    Is there peace with that man or woman?

    Never compromise peace for anything!

    I will stop here this morning.

    May God grant more understanding. 

    I pray for all going through serious issues as singles and married, may God raise help for you speedily in Jesus name!

    God bless you all.

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    I am helped of God
    Lord, I bring all the pieces before you, help me! 

    Gen 2:18 (MSG)  
    GOD said, "It's not good for the Man to be alone; I'll make him a helper, a companion."

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