The ABC Of Knowing True Love For Singles And Married Part 4

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    D - Dearest
    Today, we are looking at Letter D!

If he or she is not your dearest, marriage is not worth it.

    I don’t subscribe to guys that would often say they have many girl-friends or lovers but you are number one. 

    You should not be number 1, you should be everything and the only one. 

    You should be the only one in view and none else.

    The same way, he should be the only one in view and none else. 

    A believer who keeps more than one lover should have his or her salvation questioned. Click To Tweet 

    That is not our lifestyle. 

    That is not consistent with the faith that was handed down unto us. 

    One lady once told me that she has different lovers for different purposes.

    One supplies gadgets, one sends in money, one helps out in academics, one is available for jeru trip and so on and so forth. 

    That is an accurate definition of affliction and nemesis. 

    That attitude and grabbing mentality is an attitude of a loser ultimately.

If his attitude shows that you are not the dearest in his heart, suspend all plans. 

    There is no point wedding a spouse whose heart is with someone else. 

    That was why a man was once caught cheating on his new bride on the wedding night with the bridesmaid. 

    What is more debilitating that that?

Is he or she your dearest?

    Then is this person God’s dearest as well?
    Is he or she a God-chaser?

If you are married to the one who is dear to God, your battles are half won!

    My wife is the dearest to me after God.

    I cannot see any other lady. 

They don’t exist.

I have several daughters across the world, precious wonderful beautiful daughters who call me dad, and I love them, but it is purely a father- daughter relationship. They are dear to my heart, but my wife is in a class of her own, she is dearest!

    The moment a colleague becomes dearest above your husband, there will be serious issues.

    There are pretenders who only want to ruin your lovely relationship or marriage, be wise. Click To Tweet 

    The scriptures says there are men who speak frowardly with their mouths.

    Then it says there are strange women who flatttereth with their mouths. 

    Don’t allow any body to “froward” you or “flatter” you 

    Never allow your boss the take the place of dearest above your loved one.
    Never allow your pastor to take the place of dearest above your loved one.
    Never allow your parents to take the place of dearest above your loved one.
    And the list is endless.
    How do you know a dearest?
    It is never in “talk” because you have just be warned about what people can say with their mouths.

    It takes God’s help and direction to discern and know. 

    And as I conclude this morning, I pray for you that God will indeed give you a spirit of discernment in Jesus name.

For the married, stay “dearest” to your spouse.

    Don’t allow the pressures, the heat of work, and the hustles and bustles to steal your precious moments with your dearest. Click To Tweet 

    Let him or her know that he or she is the dearest, and go a step further to prove it with care, attention, quality time and gifts as well. 

    May God grant more understanding. 

    I speak God’s blessings upon all KHC Partners.
    May the Lord honor you continually. Be blessed!

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    My heart is rightt
    Lord, teach me to focus on my loved one 

    Pro 2:12 (KJV)  
    To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things;

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