The ABC Of Knowing True Love For Singles And Married Part 5

  • By Pastor Sophia 

    E - Encourager
    One of the attributes your loved one must possess is that of being an encourager. We are faced with many discouraging situation in our pathway in life.
    At different times, we need someone who will be there for us, believe in us and urge us to forge ahead.
    The forward movement is easier when there is someone we can always count on. Someone that believes in us.
    Your lover should be your greatest cheer leader. Click to Tweet
    Always cheering you to keep on keeping on.
    He or she believes in what you stand for.
    Believes in your person, believes in your dreams, your gifting, your talents and much more believes in the God that called you to be all you desire to be.
    You know, most of the time, we will not look like where we are going.
    Your lover or spouse should be that person encouraging you all the way.
    He/ she has the privilege of seeing and helping you nurture your dreams from inception, when it has no form and void of all significance
    A person is not your true lover, if all he does is to point out the things you are not good at. 
    Always pointing out why he or she believes you cannot do something or achieve some goals!
    If you want to be a great lover, friend and spouse, be an Encourager.
    Incite confidence, hope, support and courage in your partner concerning their dreams, projects or pursuits.
    Basically you give encouragement through your words and of cause your actions.
    As a wife, let your words be soothing. Click to Tweet
    Your role as a help meet and supporter hinges greatly on your ability of being an encourager.
    Learn the art and act of using soft soothing words.
    As a husband, you are a nurturer and gardener over your wife's dreams; believe in her. Click to Tweet
    1Th 4:18
    Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words.
    Job 16:5
    [But] I would strengthen and encourage you with [the words of] my mouth, and the consolation of my lips would soothe your suffering.
    Deu 3:28
    But charge Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him, for he shall go over before this people and he shall cause them to possess the land which you shall see.
    As a Single, don't be content with just his/her looks or bank account.
    Ask yourself, will this person be my encourager through the journey of life?
    Ask yourself if you believe in the person you are about falling in love with, if you believe in them enough to be their greatest encourager through life's journey?
    When your lover and spouse is out and down, beaten by waves of failure and unaccomplished dreams, strengthen them and be their greatest encourager.
    That is how to be a great lover and spouse.
    May God grant more understanding!

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    I am an encourager to my lover and spouse.
    Lord, make me an encourager

    Job 16:5 
    [But] I would strengthen and encourage you with [the words of] my mouth, and the consolation of my lips would soothe your suffering.

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