The ABC Of Knowing True Love For Singles And Married Part 8

  • By Pastor Sophia
    H - Helpful
    Not only does the lady have her primary calling as being a help meet for her husband, she should also be found helpful to others.
    Your 'help meet' ability is sharpened while you are helpful to others.
    Be courteous, kind, tender hearted, gentle, and selfless to others.
    Be ready to give a helping hand. It is not how energetic you are. It is how ready you are to help others.
    I remember as a young girl, even though I was little, fragile and tender, I was a helpful person.
    I may not be able to do much. But I was ready to offer assistance.
    As a lady, part of your beauty is your personality which include being helpful.
    Help out or offer to assist a nursing mother carry her baby.
    Offer to help in the kitchen when you go visiting any one. In the church make sure you join the work force. These are all part of being helpful.
    To your lover, it is a must to do something he/ she will consider as helpful from you.
    Contribute to the progress of your spouse's life. Be ready to render assistance as the need arises.
    Always ask, 'Is there anything you would like me do for or with you?'
    As a guy, you cannot claim to be a king to be served if you have never served first, yourself.
    As a leader, you are first a servant leader, before you enjoy the privilege of being served.
    Lead by example. Serve that lady you claim you love. Sacrifice is part and parcel of love.
    My husband, when we were in courtship found a lot of ways to be helpful.
    Immediately, we started courting, my fetching of water on campus ceased. (We lived in the same compound, there was male and female sections, but we always fetch water from the same source)
    He started doing that for me as a mark of his love. He will even help out with preparing for my exams.
    He will read some topics to me. He helped a great deal with my project ( more than half of my project).
    He was just all over me being very helpful, academically, emotionally, spiritually etc.
    As married couples, You cannot claim you love each other and not be helpful.
    It is unkind of any husband not to help his wife even if it is little with caring for the baby especially when she as to do some other household chores.
    I am not saying the husband should be a house boy to show his love, neither am I saying the lady or wife should demand or share house hold chores with her husband, as one would do for a younger brother or sister.
    What I am saying is be helpful to one another.
    What goes round comes round.
    When you sow help to your spouse you also receive help.
    My husband, for each of our three boys at few days old till being toddlers, would bath for them.
    How can I forget such kindness? And that's why I am also there for him any time as his able help meet
    I pray for us this morning, may the Lord teach us to be helpful one to another both in our marriages and in our courtship in Jesus name.
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    I am helpful


    Lord, make me a helpful person   

    Tit 1:8 (MSG)  He must welcome people, be helpful, wise, fair, reverent, have a good grip on himself,

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