Motivation: ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 13

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    Nothing is as wearisome, tiring, frustrating and debilitating as being in love with a de-motivator.
    He or she adds nothing except emotional injuries into your life, and yet you are unable to leave him or her.
    You know what, you have to make up your mind unless you want to live with that all your life.
    You have to run. I am talking to those who are not married yet.
    Once you know and realize that he or she adds nothing to your life, it is time to move on because it will not likely change after wedding.
    I have said it over and over again, marriage changes nobody.

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    He or she is constantly putting you down and yet doesn't see anything wrong. You see, he is not being wicked, he simply lacks capacity to encourage.
    The language he understands is to pull down.
    Usually, this happens when a person has grown up in an environment where love is not shown, where all he he’s had all his life is abuse, rejection, and constant use of derogatory words.
    He cannot help it, that is all he knows and has been exposed to, and really you cannot give what you don’t have.
    One of the primary reasons you are coming together in marriage is to help one another. 

    Motivating one another, building up yourselves, encouraging one another, strengthening one another and pulling each other up when you are falling are all part of the reasons for which you are coming together.

Is he or she a motivator?

Is he or she your number one fan?

    Does he tell you from time to time that you should go for your dream, or is that relationship killing your dream and destroying your very essence and all you stand for?
    Is that relationship encouraging you to serve God more or destroying your relationship with God?

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    Has your prayer time increased knowing full well that you need more prayers as you begin a relationship or your prayer life is completely strangulated and dead?

    Have you stopped speaking in tongues since you met him or her?

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    Has your voice been muted by falling in love and by compromise?
    Answers to all these questions are pointers to whether you are in the right boat or tthe boat is about to capsize! God forbid bad thing!
    For those who are already married, if you discover he or she keeps putting you own rather than pull you up, you have some praying to do. 

    You also need some counseling to do. 

    It may be that he or she simply don’t understand how to give or show love adequately because of some past events, which are now blurring that which is supposed to be clear.
    Keep motivating each other.

    I will give you an example.

    When I started writing devotionals in 2010, my wife would marvel at the revelations, the consistency, the continue flow every single day without missing a beat.

I told her she could do it as well.
    I explained to her that I believe as a help meet for me ,she should be able to help out on that, one way or the other,
    Then she wrote a devotional piece one day, and I was so blessed!
    I posted it and people loved it and were blessed.

    All I did was to strengthen her the more, and let her see that she is a blessing. 

    Today, when I am extremely busy and unable to write especially on Sunday mornings, she picks up her iPad and writes effortlessly through the help of the Holy Spirit.
    That part of her became a reality because she was motivated.
    Now our greatest motivation and inspiration is the Holy Spirit.
    Job 32:8 (KJV)  

    But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.
    Now, as the Holy Spirit motivates you and inspire you, you are to motivate and inspire each other to greater heights, to fulfillment of destiny and into the realization of God’s purpose.

    May God grant you more understanding.
    Thanks to all KHC Partners for your seeds sown. May God honor you continually!

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    I am not a dream killer


    Lord, teach to be an encourager  

    Job 32:8 (AMP)  But there is [ a vital force ] a spirit [ of intelligence ] in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives men understanding.

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