Romance: ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 18

  • R - Romance
    The word "romance" has many meanings.
    But the meaning I want us to apply this morning simply says Romance means "to court" or "woo"
    Guys find it easy to court or woo ladies as singles but what about after getting married?
    Do not take away romance from your marriage.
    You should be spiritual, but spirituality should not take away being romantic in marriage.
    A husband once complained;
    "Something is wrong with my wife and I don't know what. When we were courting, she used to be excited and full of life. She has wide smiles and every statement is punctuated with this loving soft laughter. But all of that has disappeared. Now she is content with being depressed and wearing the countenance of despondency. The smiles are no longer there, the laughter has vaporized, and gloom looms large. I am really confused. I want the girl I met five years ago, not this woman that I am living with."
    To which I replied;
    "The girl you met five years ago is within the woman who is living with you now. What were the things you used to do when she had those wide smiles? What were the words you used to say to her that elicited those loving laughter? You see, you stopped being romantic because you now have her, but you really never had had her because you stopped doing what really resonated with her. So get back to courting and wooing her. Get back to being romantic and then you will meet again meet that vivacious excited girl that she used to be."
    You see, women thrive on words. The first thing that greeted Adam was work, to tend the garden
    The first thing that greeted Eve were loving romantic words from Adam. Click To Tweet
    So, she practically feeds and lives on words.
    The stark reality is that this is what a husband must keep doing. It is like fuel to her.
    And if you don't do that, you will increase and amplify her vulnerability because there are several men waiting out there to compliment her. When she gets all of that from outside and never from her husband, it could be risky.
    Feed her esteem with God's word and good words. Click To Tweet
    So, o ye spiri konko spiritual men, be romantic to your wife, it won't disturb your spiritual life.
    For singles, in your bid to be romantic, you must not cross the border of sexual sanctity. Sexual relationships should be reserved for after wedding.
    Take her out, go to cinemas and the like, but do not take her to the bedroom yet.
    That could mess up real fast the beautiful thing that God is trying to do.
    What do you do if you are considering a relationship in which the man is far from being romantic?
    You see, this can be learnt. Is he willing to make changes and adapt?
    Again, it is also a problem if he is all romantic but not spiritual.

    And sometimes, it  is the lady that is so unromantic. Hey, there must be balance o!

    After speaking in tongues, you should also speak loving words to your spouse. Click To Tweet
    The idea is to strike a balance so that at the end of the day, you are both spiritual and romantic!
    May God grant us more understanding in Jesus name!

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    I am spiritual and romantic


    Lord, teach me how to be balanced

    " Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love."  (Pro 5:19, KJV)

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