Sweetheart: ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 19

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    S - Sweetheart


    My sweetheart!

    That is what my wife calls me!

    So I will playfully ask her, "am I really your sweetheart? Am I really "sweeting" your heart or is my heart "sweeting you?

    Well, one mark of true love is that you have to be each other's sweethearts!

    Your should sweeten each other's hearts!

    Not get each other bitter!

    Deliberately do things that will "sweeten each other!

    What makes him happy?

    Do it, as long as you are not in sin.

    What makes her happy?

    Do it.

    Study each other and make sacrifices for each other.

    Most times, your preferences are a mile apart.

    You make those sacrifices because your loved one is a sweetheart.

    Your idea of relaxation and fun are most times completely different.

    But you pay that price because her happiness and joy is your goal.

    You hate watching footballs, but it delights him.  So you watch with him. 

    That is love.

    Her favourite pastime is watching Drama, but that irritates you, so sometimes you watch with her.

    Sacrificing for a sweetheart should be your goal.

    You simply want him happy.

    You want her happy.

    Selfishness, stinginess, self-centeredness are not signs of true love.

    Is he or she in it for what he can get or is in it for who you are?

    Those are two different things!

    As a man, you are the protector of your sweetheart.

    You don't want her unhappy.

    You don't want any stress for her.

    So, she says she doesn't want any sexual involvement till wedding day.

    You go with that, because you don't her offending God in any way.

    You understand with her because you are a God lover yourself.

    Even when she appears vulnerable or weak, you don't take advantage of that. You say,
    "No, we cannot do this! This will hurt you. This will shut us away from God's favour and support!" This is what it means to be a man.

    You don't set her up with irresistible romantic atmosphere, till all her defenses are down and her testimony destroyed in minutes. Because she is your sweetheart, you wait.

    A woman shall compass a man.

    You protect your fiancé as well.

    You don't taunt him with your body. You don't stick tongues seductively at him when you are alone. 

    You don't deliberately show him your cleavage and wiggle your bum at him to trap him. You don't dress scantily showing your laps and other things that would strangle his faith. You don't rest your head on his chest, and you don't draw his head into your laps like Delilah. You don't want the Philistines coming for the oil on his head and the gouging out his sight and rendering him useless!

    Because he is your sweetheart! You don't want his faith messed up and going against God.

    On the other hand, for married folk, you don't deny him. You offer him exactly what he wants. Now that he waited for you, let your breasts satisfy him like roes!

    Pro 5:19  Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

    Stop hiding behind your wardrobe while you are changing your clothes!

    Let him see it all. Let his head turn for you and you alone. He is moved by sight. Taunt him. Let him salivate for you. Stop wearing suit at home. Go and get lingeries.

    Stop saying you are fasting because you want to punish him. You don't treat a sweetheart like that.

    As the husband, give her time and attention. That is her greatest need. You don't enjoy sitting down and chatting away about Tomatoes in the market. But she wants to, so you listen to her because she is your sweetheart.

    You sacrifice for your sweetheart, always!

    May God grant more understanding.



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