Tantalize : ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 20

  • T - Tantalize
    The word tantalize simply means to "excite the senses or desires of someone"
    You must continually tantalize your spouse in the many ways and as much as possible.
    Never allow boredom to find its way into your marriage
    Never allow the many pressures of other things you have to do to take the place of tantalizing your loved one daily.
    Dear married lady, your priority is not the kitchen. 
    Somebody else can cook for you.
    There is one area you should not delegate. Nobody can do that for you.
    It is the place of tantalizing him and satisfying him sexually.
    If you rebuff the advances of your husband, you are being careless. 
    If he says nothing when you refuse him, and you take him for granted, and you do that over and over, I can assure you that you are sitting on a gunpowder capable of wrecking the entire marriage institution.
    If he is touching you and you just sleep off on him night after night, and you think he is a Christian man, you may be in for a surprise.
    Stop thinking he should understand that you are tired. He will never understand. There is a need to meet, and you should gladly meet that in oder to decrease his vulnerability and save your marriage.
    Jeru trip will not make you more tired, it should be enjoyed. Read your Bible very well. 
    He needs to stay tantalized by you every day, every minute.
    As much as possible, cooperate with your husband in bed.
    If your husband is striving to take care of you, if he is being a good man, if he is not cheating on you, if he is a man of God, reciprocate by your hundred percent cooperation in bed. Don't be careless or wicked!
    Married men, keep her tantalized with your words.
    Keep her tantalized with treats.
    If you keep on muting her voice, never allowing her to express herself, you are equally playing with fire.
    If you never spend time with her, if you are always "forming" busy, you may be wrecking your marriage gradually. 
    Men, stop thinking that she should understand you are busy everyday, and you continually ignore her. She will not understand. There is a need to meet. Spending time with your wife will keep you strong eventually and keep her secured.
    If you are not taking care of her, if she is sincere with you, she will tell you she is having struggles.
    For singles, there is really nothing much to do.
    He will tantalize you. He is wooing you and seeking your hands in marriage. Enjoy it. And remind him that tantalizing should not expire on the wedding day. And that tantalizng does not include taking you to bed.
    If he is says he loves you and yet doesn't call, chat, text or keep in touch regularly, perhaps it may not be true love.
    True love will seek to tantalize!

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    " Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love."  (Pro 5:19, KJV)

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