Understanding: ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 21

  • U - Understanding

    Understanding is the bedrock of any successful relationship and marriage.

    If all is against you, but you have an understanding spouse, you can be rest assured.

    If your spouse is not understating, even if the whole world seems to understand you, there will still be issues.

    The position your spouse occupies is so vital.

    When you are still dating or courting, there is a natural pull to want to understand him or her.

    Because you are in love. You are simply all ears.

    This is why you should be suspicious of any man or woman who is not interested in understanding you as a person, but you still see you as a sexual toy.

    After wedding however, there is a natural drift away from understanding each other like it used to be because of other pressures, work, children, finances and other factors.

    It is this drift that you must guard against and make up your mind to always be there for him or her. Here are a few ideas in understanding that special loved one in your life.

    1. Do not assume, ask questions

    Learn to ask questions.

    Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.

    Never ever assume that your spouse is deliberately irritable or trying to ignore you.

    He or she could be going through a complexity of emotions that demands you being understanding and sensitive. Again, the devil would suggest assumption just to cause crisis between the two of you.

    So you don't conclude until you are really sure of what is going on.

    For singles, especially in long distance relationship, you need to be extra patient and careful in relating with each other.

    2. Share your innermost thoughts with each other

    Rather than sulk and withdraw into your shell every time, learn to talk.

    Be expressive.

    Not talking can be very frustrating to your loved one. Do not hide anything.

    If your loved perceives that you are open and sincere, it would help a lot in understanding each other.

    3. Put yourself in each other's shoes

    Before you judge anything, put yourself in his or her shoes.

    It would help you to understand each other more.

    Do not shut your spouse up. Empathize with each other.

    4. Believe the best of your spouse

    Trust each other. Stop every suspicion.

    Learn to believe the best of each other.

    Pray for one another. Let God's love reign supreme.

    It is well with your relationship and marriage in Jesus name.

    I still every storm in Jesus name and I ask that Peace will reign supreme on you and your loved one.

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    I patiently understand my loved one


    Lord, teach me to be an understanding person

    The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.Though it cost all you have, get understanding.
    Proverbs 4:7

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