Virtuous: ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 22

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    My Grandma’s fabroid healing and my job promotion:
    Am munsanda Banji from Zambia, during That Which Is Good Prayers there was a time pastor Dunamis requested us to get small clothes and he prayed for them and told us to lay on the sick. I gave the clothe to my grandma who put the clothe on her abdomen, a month later she went for a scan, the fabroid disappeared. I thank God for her healing. I also got a promotion on the 28th of August from a General worker to office assistant and am still believing God for further promotion,thank you very much
    Munsanda Banji, Zambia

    By Pastor Sophia
    V - Virtuous
    As a woman, one of the greatest qualities you can possess is that of being virtuous.
    The simple dictionary meaning of Virtuous is "full of virtue, having excellent moral character."
    Proverbs 31 has a full compilation of several virtues of a godly woman and precisely a wife.
    You know God places a lot of premium on the woman gender.
    It's only the Holy Spirit and the woman that share same nomenclature of Helper.
    To be a godly, reliable help, every woman needs to be virtuous.
    To fulfill this role and calling and to love your spouse indeed requires this quality.
    I believe in the real sense of it, a wife cannot love her husband if she is not virtuous.
    It takes being virtuous to be submissive, kind hearted, forgiving, hard working and being able to combine all without a negative attitude.
    It takes a virtuous woman to multi-task and yet not complain, murmur or grumble, whether in your heart, on your face, in your speech or action.
    The true test of love for one's husband as a wife is to possess high dose of virtue.
    Basically, it is being spiritual.
    By this I don't mean speaking in tongues or being super involved in church activities.
    Spirituality for the wife in loving her husband and children is in practical ways, getting your hands soiled, working to build your home.
    It takes a lot of virtue to help support your husband in all ways as led by the Holy spirit.
    Virtuous means an intercessor, a home maker, a planner, a financier, a lover, a great cook, a friend, a cheer leader, an encourager, a listener, a God-fearing woman and much more as occasion serves.
    Every woman needs to have a meaningful walk with the Holy Spirit, especially since He is also called the Helper.
    May God help us all

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    I am virtuous


    Lord, let your virtue proceed from me

    Pro 31:10 (KJV)  
    Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

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