Yearning For Your Lover? ABC Of Knowing True Love Part 25

  • Y - Yearning
    This simply means “To have an intense feeling of longing for something.”

    I am really suspicious of two people who claim they are in love, but are easily irritated with each other. Click To Tweet

    They lose their cool at the slightest provocation.

    The wedding is not based on love but on some convenience or arrangement.

    A wedding to get some papers.

    A wedding to inherit some goodies.

A wedding as a second fiddle, a second wife, locked away in some massive house in a far away city, visited once in a while.

    All these are decorated afflictions that are never God’s plan for us.

It is our attempt to manufacture a Jehovah Jireh for ourselves. 

    That will always end in frustrations, disappointments and regrets.

It is simply not God’s order for us.

    You are to work hard, love God, be a God-worshipper, be a sower, live in goodwill, but there are some things you won’t be able to figure out.

    Those would be jobs for God.

    Our attempt to strategically get married for some personal advantage always end in frustration because our brain is too small to decode such conclusions that requires divine direction.
    Divine direction has such rigours that are often beyond the capacity of our feelings and flow of hormones. Click To Tweet


Before you walk down the aisle, do you yearn for him?

    Before you slide the ring in her love finger, do your heart yearn for her?

As singles in courtship, are you really yearning for each other?

    If he is not yearning for you, you may need to review your relationship, and check whether the love is really there. Click To Tweet

    If he can forget you where you are for weeks without calling, texting or getting in touch, I can assure you that something is amiss.

    If she stops picking your calls, if she sounds irritated continually, without telling you why, she is waiting for you to get angry and end the whole thing.

True love comes with a sincere yearning and longing for your loved one.

    You simply love him or her more than life itself. 

    In marriage, this yearning must be kept hot. Click To Tweet

    The fire should not be doused with pressures of life, pressures from raising children, pressures from finances and quarrels that often rear their heads.

    You must continually strive to yearn, to long, for each other.

    This will help to keep you praying for one another, easily forgiving one another and looking out for one another genuinely. 

    May God grant more understanding.

    This is appreciating all our partners for your seed sown.
    God bless you all.

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    I will always yearn after my spouse

    Lord, make my heart long after you and after my loved one


    Psa 84:2 (KJV)  
    My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the LORD: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God.


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