Enjoying Each Other In Relationships and Marriage 

  • NB - We are supposed to start with two different devotionals for SINGLES and MARRIED COUPLES today, but we had some technical hitches in setting up the platform on KHC. By God’s grace, all should be set and ready by tomorrow. Keep praying God bless you!
    "I hear the voice of the one I love, as he comes leaping over mountains and hills like a deer or a gazelle. Now he stands outside our wall, looking through the window and speaking to me. My darling, I love you! Let's go away together."  Son 2:8-10 (CEV)
    Here, we know this is Jesus Christ whose voice comes leaping over mountains and hills.
    But I will like to apply this to our marriage and relationships. 

    Jesus Christ says here, “My darling, I love you! Let's go away together!”

    And this has to do with a constant time of retreat where you seek the face of God for the next level in life!

    You have to learn to go away together with the lover of your soul from time to time.

    His voice has to come to you leaping over all the troubles and emotional issues you might have. 

    In the first instance, He shouldn’t have been kept outside the wall and looking though the window. 

    Now, He is calling you because you are supposed to be together.

And what to do is to respond to Him and follow Him in the place of study and meditation of God’s word.

    Now bringing this into our marriages and relationships, you must find time for just the two of you to elope together as husband and wife.

    A precious time where you don’t allow the pressures of life to steal your joy in marriage.

    Does His voice still mean anything to you?

    Can His voice subdue all pressures and bring succor to your soul as your loved one share scriptures with you?

    When he says, “My dear, or “My darling,” does that voice still mean anything to you?

If it is no longer like that, then you need to work more on your marriage.

    You need to pray and ask God to help you love each other appropriately.

Don’t keep him or her outside the windows of your heart!
    Don't close the door on your loved one.

For singles, all your attempts is to make sure your get away do not end on anything physical. 

    The times are for more of soul alignment, vision alignment and checking out to see that you are on the same page. 

    Are you hearing the voice of the one you love regularly?

Is your communication good and going?

    Do not allow your relationship to be riddled with unending quarrels and arguments that lead nowhere.

    Decide to enjoy your relationship and marriage by ending quarrels quickly and learning to forgive quickly.

    There is a way bitterness and strife strangle the good things that God has blessed us with.

Make that decision today, enjoy yourselves in God!

    May God grant more understanding!

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    I will be loved appropriately

    Lord, help me in my love life  


    "[Bride] I hear my beloved's voice. Look! Here he comes, sprinting over the mountains, racing over the hills."  Son 2:8 (GW)


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