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CORPER SHUN!!! Episode 9

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    January 31, 2015 6:47 AM CET


    Last Episode

    In shock, he turned to see who it was and with great delight he shouted “Hey Big man! How are you?” It was Ishaya, his very close class mate.


    Ishaya Folagbade was one of the best students in Computer Science. He was a book worm and a walking computer. Ishaya was a little playful and he could be mischievous.


    “Folashaye Origbade” the Dean of Science and Technology called, Shaye had to leave us to go collect his letter. He walked up boldly to the front to collect his letter while Ishaya and I waited for him.
    “So what’s up? Where?” I asked acting curious.
    “PH, PortHarcourt” He answered plainly.
    “So do you want to tell me where you were posted to now?”
    “Ok! Lagos!” I answered smiling.


    “What?! Why so far?” He asked, I could see the horror in his eyes. Surprised at his reaction, I responded “But I'm happy! We could visit each other you know? And we have few days to spend together before we part ways, just that I will miss you, I hope I don’t cry” “No baby you won’t and in case you do, here’s my shoulder, you can lean on me” we ended the statement together with the song...


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    Episode 9

    ...continued from last episode


    After the “drama” we left the college building. At that time, afternoon was gradually slipping into evening and the number of students had reduced, as well as the noise and excited chatter. Shaye pulled me close to him and put his hand round my neck like he usually did when we walked together.
    “Well! Well! Well! I'm hungry, may we go eat?” Shaye asked.


    “yes of course” I answered with delight, “It is an essential commodity” I added as we both walked down to the cafeteria.
    There was a little distance between from the College Building and the cafeteria so we walked slowly with our hands held together. Students still walked up and down the school premises, the trees clapped in response to the breeze, the birds sang happily and the clouds flipped in slowly to usher in the evening time as the sun set.


    As we walked down, my thoughts drifted, I was so excited with the feeling of going to serve in Lagos that I forgot my love was close to me. I imagined the adventure, I thought to myself “I was finally going to be let loose. The popular Lagos, I will be there, live and in concert!”
    “Hmmm, now I am going to know what and how it feels to be a 'bad girl.'” As I smiled to myself quietly in response to my imagination, suddenly, I remembered Shaye.
    “Hmm,” I sighed. “Was I still going to be faithful to him?” I asked myself.
    “Would I still keep him?” I looked at him with a smile. I'm sure he thought I smiled at what he said when in honesty, I heard nothing.


    “Do I really want to be tied to a relationship forever and not know what it means to date other guys?” “Party? Smoke? Drink? Sleep around?”
    “Am tired of being a virgin, this is my first relationship. Mum and Dad must not even know I'm dating anyone. I have been a good girl enough. Afterall, I graduated with a 2:1 GPA and the way these girls talk about sex, it sounded exciting and not harmful in the least”


    “This so called bad girls in school look happy and get the 'big dons.'” Big dons is an expression used in Nigeria for the rich, well known and respected personalities in the land. “Look at Imeh,” I continued with my thoughts “I heard she's getting married to the Governor's son before we go and serve, they already have a house, car and all the necessities of life waiting for them as soon as they are married, look at Mariam, she is not even going to serve, the commissioner is sending her abroad for her masters, what about Dayo? the Permanent Secretary already set up a business for her and Ugo? Ugo rubs it in my face daily of how she allowed Deputy Comptroller disvirgin her and now after three weeks camp she has straight employment into Customs Office. Shaye is just coming up, still living with his grandmother sef. Me I want Olorunsogo, not Surulere.”
    Olorunsogo and Surulere are native names in Yorubaland, the western part of Nigeria.


    Olorunsogo means 'God does glorious things', it is also an idiomatic expression for a comfortable or rich person while Surulere means 'Patience has its reward' and an idiomatic expression for a poor person or someone who is not up to the required financial standard yet.


    As I thought along these lines, my heart shook, I wasn't even sure about Shaye, I wondered if he had thoughts similar to mine. He reminded me always of his commitment both in words and in deeds but then, I thought to myself “was it because we were seeing each other in school almost, if not everyday? What would happen when we left the comfort zone of school and went to serve?” Then I remembered Port Harcourt girls. I've heard so much about those girls and their escapades. I thought to myself “My Shaye, will he fall into their hands?”


    As thoughts swam back and forth in my heart, I came back to my original thoughts and then another set of questions popped up “Is there really joy in being a bad girl? Or are these girls just pretending?...”


    ... to be continued
    Copyright © 2015 [Adebola A. Ayoade]. All Rights Reserved.


    NB: Thank you for following the story, up to this point. Derin has obviously enjoyed a sweet and smooth life she has lived up until when she was about to go for her National Youth Service Corps year. She has informed us of her current thoughts, she's in a dilemma and about to take some crucial decisions in her service year... Please feel free to answer Derin's questions in the comment session. You could also give her some advice if you have one. Once again, thank you.

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    January 31, 2015 8:19 PM CET
    It really seem has if bad girls are happy but that is far from the true because there is gain in being a good girl and keeping one virginity. So Derin continue in your way of life , be good girl.