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Will I ever peace in my home?

  • September 25, 2015 8:05 AM CEST

    Will I ever peace in my home? I have been married for two years, but there is hardly a week that goes by without me and my husband fighting. I am really tired. Or is that how it is supposed to be? Please help me.


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    June 4, 2016 12:29 AM CEST
    Hey girl as much as you are here, a KHCite, tell the enemy that enough is enough. Whether household or distanced enemy show them that you did not become a member of this great club led by the Holy Spirit Himself by chance. Wipe your tears sweetie. First of all determine in your heart to make your marriage succeed and back it up with prayer both day and night. Then let go of all the wrongs - forgiveness, we are told ushers great peace in your heart and your entire being. Whatever you can remember your husband has done please find a place in your golden heart to forgive him. Remember those wonderful days when he was wooing you in, those things you do that triggers his happiness, begin to do them. Those dresses he sees you wear and gets excited, those favorite dishes he enjoys please begin to revisit those things that puts him on, l'm sure God Almighty will do a new thing in your lives and peace will return to your home again and you will enjoy once again the cute husband of your youth in Jesus name. Amen! SHALOM!! We await your testimony because it must surely come.