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CORPER SHUN!!! Episode 10

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    Hello Readers,
    Thanks for your participation on the last episode, you peeps are the splendid! Hmm, let's see, did Derin take to your advice? What was her final decision? What happened to Derin? Let's continue our story about Derin in this Diamond in Rough series with series one titled “CORPER SHUN!!!”


    Last Episode


    After the “drama” we left the college building. At that time, afternoon was gradually slipping into evening and the number of students had reduced, as well as the noise and excited chatter. Shaye pulled me close to him and put his hand round my neck like he usually did when we walked together.


    As we walked down, my thoughts drifted, I was so excited with the feeling of going to serve in Lagos that I forgot my love was close to me.
    “Am tired of being a virgin, this is my first relationship. Mum and Dad must not even know I'm dating anyone. I have been a good girl enough. Afterall, I graduated with a 2:1 GPA and the way these girls talk about sex, it sounded exciting and not harmful in the least”
    “This so called bad girls in school look happy and get the 'big dons.'” “Is there really joy in being a bad girl? Or are these girls just pretending?...”


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    Episode 10


    ...continued from last episode


    These and many other thoughts ran through my mind. As an only child, I had been under the compulsory protection of my parents. In SS2, my father told me I was too young to have male friends. To this day, I still wish Nelson, my classmate back then, did not call the land line at the time he did. If only he had called a minute later, I would have been the one to pick that call and avoided getting into trouble. My mum watched my every step and always reminded me not to smile at boys as this only indicated that I was loose. In as much as their counsel and training helped me in a tremendous way, it also made me stiff, paranoid and fearful in another way.


    I remembered when I started my menstrual cycle, mum told me, “don't let any boy touch you, once a boy touch you, you will get pregnant and that will mean bye bye to your education.” This very advice got me a little confused even though I sensed, her description of pregnancy wasn't quite as literal in reality.
    The next day Dele, another classmate mistakenly hit my wrist when he almost fell in class during break time. I remembered how I was stricken with fear when I did not see my period the next month, I remembered how I beat myself about why I did not take my mother's words serious, how I should have told her Dele touched me, we probably could have found a solution early enough.


    But I was too scared to tell my parents anything. I only discovered later when I asked our school matron then, that I did not have my period that month because I had it twice the previous month which was the first time of my menstrual cycle. Matron Bisi, as she was so called, told me, since it was my first time ever, hormonal changes were expected, irregularities were also expected but not for long and with time, the body would adjust, which was so. It was Matron Bisi that taught me proper sex education and helped me understand the woman's anatomy. I fondly remembered her with a smile.


    I knew they loved me so much, they gave me the best education, bought everything I wanted and needed that they deemed useful for me especially in the educational aspect. They took me out to places, we attended family parties together even though I was always under their watchful eyes. They took turns to drop me off at school themselves, picked me up when I closed from school. Sometimes, they dropped me off and picked me after school hours together.


    They were always parked outside just before school closed. One day, a coincidence happened, as my mother and I drove out of the parking lot after school hours, my father was driving in to come pick me up, if he had come a minute after, he could have missed us. They both came from their different work places. We ended up going home together that day. They were that committed to me growing up. They were too conservative and never discussed sex education with me. It was understandable, they felt I was too young to know about sex, relationships and puberty. My movies were censored and I could only discuss limited and general things at home, not puberty or peer concerns. I learnt more from asking questions and reading back then. These and a few other reasons I felt caged in that house (even though I liked most parts of it) and I looked forward to freedom some day which finally came in the guise of NYSC.


    My thoughts drifted again to my 'would-be' adventure and questions. Then finally I sighed and told myself “Well, I’ll find out when I get there.”
    “Kai! Lagos na wa o, gaskiya fa, I'll finally go to that popular city called Lag! I heard my thoughts screaming inside me and I caught myself smiling again. I shrugged and said again to myself “being adventurous is not bad except when you take it to the extreme.” I was jolted back to reality when suddenly I felt a violent shake in my body.


    Derin!” Shaye shook me. Apparently, I had forgotten I was with him. He had poured out his heart, told me what he thought about when we were upstairs, but I did not hear a single word. I had been carried away in my world. He looked at me a little concerned and asked
    “What’s the problem? Why are you smiling all alone? What I'm saying is not a joke is it?” Disappointed in myself and apologetic at the same time, I said “Am sorry Shaye, I did not know you were saying something.”
    “It's Ok” Shaye responded in a low and disappointed tone. “it's probably not relevant now. You are still in the happy euphoria of Pre - NYSC”.


    I did not know what to say, I couldn't defend myself. Shaye was right. My God! I was so deep in thought that I had lost touch with this reality and not heard a word Shaye said. I felt so terrible, I stopped walking and I stopped him too, I turned to him, looked into his brown piercing eyes and said again “I'm sorry love, I got carried away, I am just excited about the whole thing and imagining what it would be like in another city. You know having being born, bred and buttered in Jos, I am just excited that finally I will be away from my parent for a whole year. I've heard so much about Lagos and going there now thrills me”

    ... to be continued

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