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He doesn't carry me along

  • June 3, 2016 6:16 AM CEST
    We've been together for three years now but my fiancé take key decisions without informing me. I've confronted him severally on this but all he keeps saying doesn't hold water. Personally I don't like things happening in our relationship without a prior knowledge and this is getting me off the edge. Please what should I do about this.
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    June 3, 2016 10:01 AM CEST
    <p>Dear Sis, </p>
    <p>I can understand your frustration as you sound like an active individual who takes interest in being really involved.</p>
    <p>I would say you should keep telling him and driving home your point to him that you are supposed to be partners each making contributions. I think that is how he has grown up and takes responsibility. So please be patient with him and take him as he is.</p>
    <p>Also you can be pro-active and help him to open up by being one step ahead of him by asking questions that would make him answer and thus giving you information that you need. When he does give you opportunity to make contribution, ensure you make it count and he will see your worth.</p>
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    June 3, 2016 11:30 PM CEST
    In today's devotion the pastor pointed out some likely reasons why men think the women folk shouldn't contribute but just be mere spectators but then he corrected it as being wrong. I so well understand your point and how you feel dearie, it really can be frustrating, your consolation should be based on the singular fact that their is no headache, heartache, sorrow or worries Heaven can't handle/heal. Fight with your kneels - prayer is the key and answereth all things. PUSH! Be wise and try not to disappoint him once Heaven answers and there's an opportunity to contribute or advice him rightly when the need arises. Don't get worried so much, smile often and say like the shunammite woman, "it is well" . God is as close as the mention of His powerful name. Goodluck sis.