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You Are Not An Accident.

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    June 14, 2017 9:44 AM CEST
    A man once developed a thanksgiving attitude to the extent that he often finds a reason to appreciate God no matter what he is going through be it good or bad. He was one of the king's preferred servant, very close to the king that he goes out with him everywhere and anywhere he goes.

    One day, while the king's table was being set for breakfast, the plate fell from the table by a servant who was careless while passing by, the food was wasted and the king was wrought. This young man went on his knees and beggged the king while others joined as well, but the king wouldn't listen.

    As that was going on, our famous and "thankful" servant came in to meet the scenario. He asked to be given opportunity to speak and so was granted, thinking that this servant is about to provide another food. He opened his mouth and said "let's thank God for what has happened, because something worse would have happened if this hasn't occurred". Everyone including the king was angry with this statement, thus the king asked his soldiers to beat him up and throw him in the prison for saying 'senseless' words. While beating him up, one his fingers was cut off. He was still thrown into the prison anyway.

    Not long after that, the king received an invitation from a far country and as usual, would normally travel with this servant who is now imprisoned. So, he decided to take another servant on this important journey. As they journeyed, they came across a town just before they got to their destination. It was already late in the night so they couldn't see the road clearly. They were stopped by a group of men, ritualists who were out looking for a stranger with incomplete body parts. The stranger will be used for the ritual. But because they have been out for a long time without getting anyone, they were happy for this "great provision". They immediately grab the servant after identifying the king. He was told to return to his country immediately while they took his servant away.

    The king was depressed as he couldn't complete his journey and he has one of his servants. He wouldn't eat and so the whole city mourned with him. Suddenly, the servant came back to the palace the following day. Looking happy, he shared with them how he got his release. He said upon getting to the ritualist's den, they undressed him and were examining his body when they told him that he has a complete body and that he was useless. They immediately threw him out their camp.

    The king then remembered the servant whom he has imprisoned. He could have followed him on his journey and would have been kidnapped as well. But he would have been sacrificed as he has lost one of his fingers.
    The king quickly sent for him, he apologized to him and set him free.
    Brethren, you know what? The famous servant's life was saved because he was in the prison. What an irony! God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.
    As long as you are in Jesus Christ, whatever happens to you is not an accident.

    You are not an accident!
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