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CORPER SHUN!!! Episode 7

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    Last Episode

    When Anna and I got to the hostel that evening, she brought up the topic of Shaye and I which we put aside in the library earlier that day.

    Bel explained to me that attraction was an emotion that caused an interest or desire in something or someone which in my case was someone. She said infatuation was also an emotion of unreasoned passion.

    The next day which was a sunday, I went to check for Shaye's Sister in the afternoon. I met her, introduced myself and helped her with her assignment. She thanked me and I was back to my room that evening.

    I went to bed happy with thoughts of Shaye and Annabel's words. I hoped for the best and looked forward to a better week. It was indeed a beautiful weekend.

    For full story of episode 6, please see the right hand corner of the page. Thank You.

    Episode 7

    ...continued from last episode

              On Monday afternoon, Shaye called me to thank me for the assistance I gave his sister. He also talked about how his sister said a lot of good things about me just within few hours we spent together and officially made me his sister's personal coach. We also became very good friends from then. I took Annabel's advice seriously and Shaye was mature enough to build friendship with me. We talked on phone, exchanged messages, agreed to meet a few times and overtime, he requested for my room number which I gave to him happily. He came to my hostel often, we ended up having common friends, we ate together and did almost everything together. With time we became very fond of each other, Shaye finally asked me out, three months into our friendship, my answer was obviously a “Yes” and Anna was happy for both of us.

              I gave a deep sigh as I came back from my long flash back. I almost forgot I was still in the College building where Shaye had left me to go ease himself. Indeed, we had come a long way. From harmless library meeting to helping his sister and there we were about to go and serve. I would definitely miss him.

    “So, do you want to share the fantasy?” Shaye's voice whispered into my ears.

    “Gasps” I held my breath...

    “Gosh! You scared me!” I said holding my chest.

    “Awww, sorry love, I did not mean to, I saw you smiling all alone” He replied putting his hand across my neck”

    “How long have you been here?” I asked.

    “errm, close to ten minutes” he replied.

    “What?!!!” I exclaimed out of shock.

    “Yea, I saw you staring into the air smiling and I did not want to interrupt your thoughts but when I saw the tear rolling down, I had to speak up.” He answered.

    “Oh, really?” I said as I wiped the tears off my eyes, “I did not even know I was crying” I said and laughed. I did not know the flash back I had had brought tears to my eyes, even though they were tears of joy.

              At that time, the College Building had become quite busy with students who walked to and fro, some talked loudly while some became noisy from exclamation of joy or seeing one another again since after graduation. Shaye and I had to move to a less noisy place so we could talk, this was a little inside, close to the College Officer's office. We picked our chairs and put it just beside the entrance of the office so Annabel would not have to look for us when she was done with her phone conversation. She was the reason we waited at the reception in the first place.

    “So what was it you were thinking about?” Shaye asked.

    “Us, good things about us” I said quickly and before he could ask the next obvious question, quickly I interrupted, “Bel isn't through with her call yet? She has been gone for over fifteen minutes now. Right?” I asked checking my wrist watch.

    Just then Annabel walked back, grinning from ear to ear, ready to pop out of her skin.

    “Alright guys I have to go now, Sean just called me that he is around.” She said trying hard not to run.

    “Just ke? Bel, you've been gone for close to twenty minutes” I said with one of my eye brows raised.

    She understood what I said and in an attempt to avoid my tease, she said, “Derin don't start”

    “Alright girl, take care and enjoy, call me later.” I replied with a wink. She laughed because she understood the wink and said “Ok dear!”

              After she left, Shaye and I went upstairs where the call up letters were given. It was a large room. One of the largest in the department. For some reasons best known to the school authorities, they decided to merge the Science and Art Students together to give them their letters. The population was large, the queue was long, people rushed, pushed one another, some fell and at some point, the scene became quite annoying.

    Somehow Shaye and I managed to get in the queue and Shaye struggled for a space for himself. There were three senior lecturers who sat in front of a long table in the room that was used. One was from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities who sat on the right hand side of the table, one was from the Faculty of Administration who sat on the left hand side of the table and the middle one was the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. He was the darkest in complexion of the three lecturers. He hardly ever smiled. He frowned so much that it was scary when he smiled. It was obvious he had his hair cut the previous day because there was no strand of hair on his head and his head shone like a new stainless steel pot. He called the names of Science and Technology Students to hand over their call up letters to them.

              The three lecturers had stern faces and they looked frustrated by the noise and disorderliness. Despite their frustration, they still called student names, even though, most times in anger. However, this hardly affected the students. The students continued in their ways.

                   As Shaye tried to get proper balance, he felt a slap on his back...


    ... to be continued

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