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My girlfriend wants jeru trap by all means

  • July 1, 2015 8:11 AM CEST

    Dear KHCites, please advise me. My girlfriend wants jeru trap by all means. I love her and she is going to make me sin soonest, yet I cannot leave her. Please, put yourself in my shoes and advise me on what to do

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    July 1, 2015 9:25 AM CEST
    God bless you, brother, for speaking out. Many have died in silence in this kind of situation. There are questions you need to ask:
    1. Why is she asking?
    Some sisters are just curious. She may want to know what it feels like. There is also a worldly wisdom that says that a man who loves will ask for jeru trap. This may be an attempt to affirm your love. However, sisters are generally more exposed, and she may just be seeking jeru satisfaction, so this may reflect poor self control. Even more sinister, some 'smart' girls use jeru traps as a means of confusing the brother spiritually and emotionally, to blind him to their flagrant unsuitability.
    2. How long can I resist? A sister that really wants something will get it. She has tools at her disposal, and the most useful of all is your love.
    You will need to establish in your heart whether it is your desire to settle with somebody who is fully intent on making you compromise your purity and calling. You cannot change anybody, but they can change you! It is very important to be with someone who has similar convictions about Jeru issues.
    3. Who does she respect? You may need to report her to people she is responsible to. However, some ladies do not care (e.g. He is a pastor, what else do you expect him to say?)
    In summary, it is unnatural for a girl to be making first moves this way. It is an affliction. If you are not sure about the first question, sit her down, and ask. She may just need some encouragement and spiritual instruction. If you are not sure about the second, remember Samson, your vision is about to die. If you are not sure about the third, ask her. If you find no definite answer to at most two of these questions, this is a strange woman: run for your life!
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    July 3, 2015 5:01 PM CEST

    Go and see your mentor and then stay away from closed doors with her till she shows some level of control.

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