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CORPER SHUN!!! Episode 8

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    Last Episode

              I gave a deep sigh as I came back from my long flash back. I almost forgot I was still in the College building where Shaye had left me to go ease himself. Indeed, we had come a long way. From harmless library meeting to helping his sister and there we were about to go and serve. I would definitely miss him. Just then Annabel walked back, grinning from ear to ear, ready to pop out of her skin.

              After she left, Shaye and I went upstairs where the letters were given. It was a large room. One of the largest in the department. For some reasons best known to the school authorities, they decided to merge the Science and Art Students together to give their call up letter. The population was large, the queue was long, people rushed, pushed one another, some fell and at some point, the scene became quite annoying.

              As Shaye tried to get proper balance, he felt a slap on his back...

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    Episode 8

    ...continued from last episode

              In shock, he turned to see who it was and with great delight he shouted “Hey Big man! How are you?” It was Ishaya, his very close class mate.

    “Shaye da fine boy! I dey o, How you dey na?” Ishaya replied. Shaye always got praised for his good looks even from his male friends. He was that good looking.

    “O boy fear catch me sha, I wan follow the person yarn say wetin I do?” Shaye said. This meant “I was scared, I was going to ask the person what I did wrong to deserve a slap on my back.”

    “hahaha, upon your six packs you dey fear again, abeg joor, you suppose know say na only me fit do that kain tin na.” Ishaya responded.

              This meant “why should you be afraid with your masculine body, please, spare me, you should know I'm the only friend bold enough to hit you that way.” They hugged each other like men do and they talked happily amidst the noise.

    “Madam! I hail o!” Ishaya turned to my side to greet me with a salute. This was an informal way of saying “hello madam.”

    “Ish Ish, how now? Please don't scare us like that again o” I said with a smile. I called him Ish or Ish Ish as a short form for his name.

    “No lele, no worries ma, apologies for scaring you, Shaye was my target” He said

    “No problem, it's ok” I replied.

              Ishaya Folagbade was one of the best students in Computer Science, I met him through Shaye. He was book worm and a walking computer. Ishaya was a little playful and he could be mischievous. One of his pranks was what he did to Shaye when he gave him a playful slap on his back, just to scare him and he achieved his aim.

            “Folashaye Origbade” the Dean of Science and Technology called, Shaye had to leave us to go collect his letter. He walked up boldly to the front to collect his letter while Ishaya and I waited for him. When he came out, he had an indifferent look on his face, this time, Ishaya bade us farewell, so he could go collect his letter too. I did not like the indifference on his face, so I asked pretending to know nothing.

    “So what’s up? Where?” I asked acting curious.

    “PH, PortHarcourt” He answered plainly.

    “Cool!” I said with excitement. I noticed his indifference.

    “Are you ok?” I asked concerned.

    “Sorry dear, I just have many issues on my mind.” Then he lightened up and asked

    “So do you want to tell me where you were posted to now?”

    In a playful way, I said, “guess”

    “PH too,” he winked

    “Ha ha ha, you wish! another trial” I said.

    “Abuja?” he tried again.

    This time I laughed very hard and said “durrh! for the last time man!” With an exasperated sigh, he replied “Ha! I give up, tell me and save me from this suspense”

    “Ok! Lagos!” I answered smiling.

    “What?! Why so far?” He asked, I could see the horror in his eyes. Surprised at his reaction, I responded “But I'm happy! We could visit each other you know? And we have few days to spend together before we part ways, just that I will miss you, I hope I don’t cry” “No baby you won’t and in case you do, here’s my shoulder, you can lean on me” we ended the statement together with the song...

  be continued.


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    Super Story on KHC titled 'Copper Shun!!!' watch out 4 episode 9 !
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    @ Tina lol! This one is Pearl's Café o. I get your drift though. Thanks

    @ Abiola Thank you

    @ Readers Thanks all for reading

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    Hey.. Just can't wait for the next Episode
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    Wow! Interesting but still waiting....

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    Aww... so interesting.