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What Nagging does to your relationship and the way out

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    January 27, 2015 6:37 AM CET

    One of the benefits of KHC is getting wisdom that will help you better navigate the course of your relationship struggle free. You know in life, we either learn through experience or we learn through wisdom. It is always better and sweeter to learn through wisdom. You wouldn't need to suffer unnecessarily. There are so many habits we have developed over many years either from parents, our background, associations or simply through our natural inclinations.

    Nagging is one of such destructive habits.  Previously, I shared with us the truths about nagging, and that most people who nag are not even aware they nag. That means its possible you are hurting your loved ones (including your kids) without Knowing it.

    Why nagging is not good

    1. Nagging leaves you feeling tired and depleted. This is because you are exacting so much energy, mental, emotional with no productivity

    2. Nagging comes with a hidden anger, your words are most likely not kind. No one nags with good words.

    3. You are building nidrances, distrust, distance and reducing your level of intimacy.

    4. When you nag, you leave your loved one feeling attacked, frustrated and irritated.

    5. When you nag, you make the person stubborn as against doing what you want.

    6. You can never nag any one to change.It doesnt work.

    Why is nagging a wrong method?

    1. You are trying to manipulate the other person to behave like you want. 
    2. You have a hidden fear that things will not go the way you desire.
    3. You might be dealing with an esteem issue and just expressing your inner struggles through nagging.
    4. It's a wrong way of dealing with your own inadequacies.

    The Way Out

    1. Admit there is an issue
    It's not just a personality thing or 'that's the way I am'. It's destroying your relationship.

    2. Look for the right words
    You can learn to replace harsh words with kind ones. And please don't flog issues. Allow people be. Don't be insistent that things be done a certain way. 

    3.Watch your tone
    Words spoken angrily is often spoken in high pitch. Be mild.

    4. Choose the right time.
    Timing matters. Right words spoken at the wrong time is not effective.

    5. Work on the right attitude.
    Attitudes are really a big deal. Your attitude shouts louder most times than even your actions. 

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    Thank you Ma, I am blessed.
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    Its good to know.
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    Thank you ma
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