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About the Book

Lovett sat up on her bed. With her lingerie still on, and her pillow firmly hugged, she broke down in uncontrollable tears that made her whole body convulse involuntarily.

On and on, the hot tears kept coming slowly and dismally down the rounded corners of her nose and mouth, to be finally buried in the ever ready softness of the pillow. In little time, the pillow had become soaked with tears and sweats.

Her sobs were punctuated with deep seated sighs and nods of regrets, and her outlook was that of a person who is no longer enthusiastic about life; she seems to have lost the energy to continue living...

In this eBook, you will discover

The story of Lovett

Dunamis speaks to Lovett 

Sophia speaks to Lovett 

The Spirituality of Sex

Sex: Sleeping Over In A Guy’s House

Truths About Sex That You May Not Know

Who ought to be wiser, the guy or the lady?

Practical Ways To Stop Sex And Every Sexual Compromise?

Overcoming Sexual Vulnerabilities with the Power of Integrity

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