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Switch On The Light In Your Relationship

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness. (Luke 11:35 KJV)
These are the words of Jesus Christ himself. He is asking us to make sure we are careful that the light in us does not become darkness. Jesus is saying here that you must take note and consciously be cautious that your light is not obscured in any way.
Let’s take a look at the Message translation:
Keep your eyes open, your lamp burning, so you don't get musty and murky.
That is powerful! Don’t get musty and murky! The things we see in the physical represent what exist in the spiritual.
In the physical, how can light become darkness?
There are three ways that can happen.
1.You can decide to switch off the light by yourself
2. There could be a general fault from the supply system of electrical light
3. The company or body that supplies electricity can decide to take off the light (This happens a lot in undeveloped countries)
Now, we need to look at these three scenarios because Jesus Christ is telling us here that we should take heed that the light in us be not darkness!
There is light in me! There is a light in you! It is the light of God, lightening our paths and giving us direction in life. Never allow it to become darkness! The first thing is that you must refuse to switch off the light! Leave it on all the time!
You see, when you switch off the light, you can stumble! You can be easily tripped! When David was taking a stroll on the roof of his palace and he saw another man’s wife taking his bath, he simply switched off the light when he sent for that woman to satisfy his lust! We all know the unpleasant scenarios that followed. Don’t let your light become darkness. It is something you have to consciously work at. When Samson saw an harlot and went in unto her, he just switched off the light! At the end, his eyes were gouged out, never to see the light of day!
When the devil begins to tamper with your light, you tell him to get off! Switch on the light, common! Ain’t coping with no darkness here!
The moment you allow lust to take over your life, you just switched off the light. You just welcome darkness. The moment you are locked up in the embrace of the one you are not married to, lost in the temporary feelings that come with compromise, you just switched off the light.
Take heed that the light in you be not darkness. The moment you just told a blatant lie, entangled in the web of deception, you just switched off the light!
You see, the more the light is switched off, the more you make mistakes. The more you can injure yourself! A lot of spiritual wounds come because the light has been switched off. Iniquity switches off the light.
When the light is switched off, the thief can have his day. The sons of darkness and wickedness can be enabled. The thief is the devil. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. He loves darkness. You are the son and daughter of light, so take heed!
For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity. (Psalms 125:3 KJV)
You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, you have nothing doing with darkness, so switch on the light.
Leave that married man alone; and switch on the light!
Stop going out with more than one person at a time; switch on the light!
Stop that habitual viewing of pornography; switch on the light!
Stop sleeping with that guy or lady, wait till marriage; switch on the light!
Stop eyeing another man’s spouse, focus on your own, and switch on the light!
You just need to make up your mind. You see, when light has become darkness, how do you know? There will be confusion. You can be tripped. You can be injured. Your journey is slowed down because you cannot see well. Life becomes experimental. Number of casualties becomes high.
You cannot live your life like that. Switch on the light. Ask Jesus to come into your life afresh this morning. Rededicate your life and accept His mercy and favour into your life. You can do it. There is grace to stop and turn around and do the right thing right now. Simply tell, him or her, no more darkness, I am switching on the light!
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I have the light of God


Lord, let your light dawn upon my soul


Gen 1:3 (KJV)  
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.


Study the Genesis Chapter 1


Acts 11 - 12

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Dunamis Okunowo

Dunamis & Sophia are facilitators of Kisses and Huggs Club. They are ministers, writers, conference speakers, relationship counselors and marriage...

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