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August 2018 - KHC Monthly Partners' Letter

Happy New Month! Dear Partners!

Welcome to the month of August!
We so much love you, but even God loves you much more!
Thanks for your partnership all through last month, God will honour you indeed.
I want to encourage you. This is the month of August.
It is the eighth month and in biblical numerology, eight stands for new beginnings!
I therefore pray over all our partners, God will do a new thing in your life, relationship and marriage in Jesus name!
God's miracles are still ever real. I was recently in a meeting last week and after ministering I asked them to give a shout to the Lord!
Afterwards all manner of testimonies broke forth. One lady who has not seen her menses for ten months, started menstruating instantly! God's name be praised and all glory to His name! Several healings took place!
As a partner, you are a partaker of this grace and anointing! I therefore pray, in whatever areas you need God, health, finances, job or whatever it is, this month of August, my God will show up for you.
I declare an open door. I prophesy open heaven over you. Let the miracles begin. Let the blessings be unleashed. So shall it be! Believe it. Accept it. I await your testimonies!

We are ever committed to keep bringing you God's word on singles' devotional and couples' devotional as we have been doing for over a decade! God is faithful. Our marriage has been for a short while, 19 years, and we are committed to teaching you the few things we have learnt that keep us together! Your home will be beautiful!
God bless you.
If you will like to be a KHC partner or you just want to sow a one-time seed, it's so easy. Go HERE

I pray that God will bless every seed sown, as always in Jesus name!
We love you big!
Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo
Kisses and Huggs Club

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Dunamis Okunowo

Dunamis & Sophia are facilitators of Kisses and Huggs Club. They are ministers, writers, conference speakers, relationship counselors and marriage...

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