Nigerian breakfast recipes consist of the different kinds of foods that are eaten in Nigeria in the morning.


I would go along to list the very simple and easy to make Nigerian breakfast recipes then it is advisable to go on very light foods in the morning, certain simple meals that will unlock your neural pathway for the rest of the day.

The most popular breakfast recipe in Nigeria is a combination of tea and bread

This recipe is very easy to prepare and comes in handy especially when you are in a rush to meet up with office hours. Most people in Nigerian are comfortable with just tea and bread but occasionally I fry eggs to complement

Another easy to make breakfast recipe in Nigerian is Indomie noodles. Indomie is a special kind of noodle in Nigeria that would serves as breakfast for both adults and children alike. I thought they were for kids until I discovered a particular recipe.

Here are some of the many different food combinations that could serve as breakfast to a Nigerian,

pap (akamu, ogi) and a combination of fried plantain and eggs.
Ogi (pap) is very simple to prepare it takes the same procedure as in making custard,

One breakfast I also love is the Nigerian  ewa agoyin (beans and bread) (you will know what I am saying if you live in Lagos Nigeria. The country’s most industrious state). It is called bread and ewa here in the Yorubaland and a plate is sold for less than 300 naira

Bread and ewa are popularly made and served in local Nigerian restaurants. The making of the beans for this recipe is completely different from other beans recipes. It is just cooked beans and a special kind of stew, then the bread is often agege bread.

porridge beans and custard. I love pap and milk. If I can’t find pap, custard does a wonderful job. This can go as either breakfast or dinner.

Another enjoyable breakfast toasted bread and coffee, it is one of the many breakfast nigerians enjoys

I keep thinking about my favorite breakfast recipe, a newly discovered recipe. It is just a combination of jellof rice and good amount of vegetable salads with little or no cream, I try to keep my family away from canned foods as much as I could.

These are good example of light and simple Nigerian breakfast inspiration. Although, some of them may take a while to prepare, I make things easy by stocking my fridge with every necessary ingredient and foodstuff.

I live in Lagos, western Nigerian and as a working-class lady I often eat breakfast in my office, I buy from restaurants that are close to my office most of the times. During this time I have been able to experiment different kind of Nigerian foods that could serve for breakfast and I would list some of them here and then others that I make at home on weekends or during holidays.
Next time...OK.!

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