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Concerning The Vision About Oral Stuff And Other Visions

In three successive nights, I had these three visions that I want to quickly share with us.
This was last week. I had sought God's face to know as to sharing this or just praying about them. I feel led to share them.
Visions are valid languages of the Holy Spirit that God will often use to communicate His mind and warn us about what we need to pray about.
While all these three visions seemed negative, I believe they are revelations that are to drive us into the place of prayer.
They are revelations of what the horde of hell are planning, and the intent of the revelations is that intercessors can arrest frustrate these plans.
So, don't just read, pray!
The intent of these is not to release fear; but to stir up intercessors in the land.
2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)  
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
In the first vision I had, I saw knife wielding men lining up other men in a what is a visible and deliberate attack, genocidal in nature, and these attackers included white men from the Arab nations.
I was right in the middle of the vision, and there were attempts to attack me but I escaped. I remember walking away and also thinking I needed to get to where my children are.
1. Pray against eruption of violence, religious in nature and which may be assume an international dimension.
2. Pray against suppression and disruption of our fellowship with God.
3. Ask God for peace in your country and the world over. Ask God to stop any violent reactions to any religious happenstance around the world.
Isaiah 60:18 (KJV)  
Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.
The very next night, I had a second vision, I saw a man leading an oxen (if you know, you know), brandishing an AK47, walking boldly across my dad's land in one of the western states. He had just set the the place on fire.
My dad and I were on the balcony, and my dad asked why he would do that. He simply replied that he needed to create a path for his oxen. My dad simply looked on and couldn't do anything, but to watch the whole thing burning.
This has nothing to do with my dad as a person, but representative of that location.
4. Pray that God will stop these violence and deliberate attack, not just in the western states (for that would be a selfish prayer) but across the length and breadth of the country.
5. Pray that God will frustrate all the plans of the enemy, and that His counsel will stand.
6. Pray against any selfish of greedy intent of leaders who may want to mortgage generations or sacrifice innocent lives for personal or political gains.
In the third vision, which is the third night was when I saw an incursion of the spirit of perversion into the body of Christ on a very massive scale, specifically as it relates to the oral stuff.
I had written a little about these in the last two days of the devotional... you may want to go over them HERE and HERE.
It was an interplay of this spirit alongside the spirit of deception, in which large number of people were deceived into accepting the oral stuff as an acceptable substitution to fornication.
As the Lord showed me, the spirit has unleashed its attack already, but it is not too late to pray.
In the vision God showed me, the young girl performing this sexual act was in a school uniform, the type secondary pupils wear. These shows that the student community, secondary schools, universities and young minds are the major targets.
In the last few months, I had dealt with these issue among believers, church folks, and a lot of young people.
7. Pray against the activities of the spirit of perversion. We have authority over these spirits. Take authority over them and bind their activities around you, in your local assembly.
8. Pray and declare over yourself that sin shall not have dominion over you!
If you are a pastor in a local assembly, teach along these areas and take oversight over the flock that God has given you.
If you are in a leadership position and you are caught up with this activity, know that God frowns at such and His word is clear on this.
If you are a young person, never ever compromise as to do this, in order to get a favour, or to please anybody, no matter the amount involved.
May I also say that before these visions came in quick successions, I have been drawn into more of prayer and worship of God in the day and in the night.
I pray that God will grant us more understanding.

We are kept by His power
Lord, help to stay consecrated
Isaiah 60:18 (MSG)  
There'll be no more stories of crime in your land, no more robberies, no more vandalism. You'll name your main street Salvation Way, and install Praise Park at the center of town.
Pray in the Spirit
John 14 - 17

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Pastor Dunamis Okunowo

Dunamis & Sophia are facilitators of Kisses and Huggs Club. They are ministers, writers, conference speakers, relationship counselors and marriage...

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