If you have not developed your faith in the Word to the level where you can receive your healing through the Word, then use medical science's healing, but don't allow sickness and disease to lord it over you. 

Do What You Have To 
Use whatever means you must to get rid of it, but don't let it dominate you. If you have to take pills to get your healing, then every time you have to take one, say, "I take this pill in the name of Jesus." You will find the Name of Jesus will make your pills work twice as good. 

Don't let Satan condemn you over taking medicine. God wants you well. 

If your faith is not developed to that point, for Gods' sake, don't suffer 39 years and say I trusted the Lord. No - if you suffered 39 years you missed it somewhere. That is not God's will for you. 

Get some medical help, get back on your feet, then get in the WORD of God and find out where you missed it. Learn to control circumstances, instead of allowing them to control you. 

A few years ago a man said to me, "I wouldn't ask you to pray for me; I am taking medicine." 

You can see how Satan has conned many good Christians into believing that if they are taking medicine they wouldn't dare use prayer too. He realizes he can't keep you from using both so he set out to convince you that prayer and medicine are opposed to each other. 

The truth is both prayer and medicine are fighting the same evil (sickness and disease). 

Of course God's best is for you to develop your faith to the point that you receive healing through prayer and the Word of God. But not every person's faith is developed to that level. That is one of the reasons God gave men medical knowledge. He wants people well even though they don't know how to operate in the Word. 

God Wants You Well 
Say this right now, "GOD WANTS ME WELL" (3 John 2). Say it again, loud: "GOD WANTS ME WELL." 

Confess God's Word to your body daily. Yes - talk to it. Sometimes your body wants to be sick. Don't let it. Jesus said you can have what you say, so take time to fill your heart (spirit) with God's Word. 

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