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Don't Allow Rivalry In Your Family

The family is such a sensitive one, a spiritual entity for that matter. Everything God gives us is in a seed form. Whatever greatness or great things we will achieve in life first starts from a seed form. Our God given dreams come in seed form, in form of thoughts and then grow to become great inventions or institutions.
The family unit is such. Whatever greatness God wants to achieve on earth must start or come through a family. Any great man or woman who will achieve brilliant feats on earth must come from a family. That is why God is so concerned about families. Guess what? The devil also has his eyes on families.
There are some principles that have been proven not to work for the best interest of all. One of such is rivalry in families. It could be favoritism, where parents prefer one child more than the others or sibling rivalry, or competition or division among parents. All these will be anti productive. It will hinder the best that God wants to do in our family or with the children.
We read a story in the bible in Gen 37 about a family whose destiny with God is that of greatness and through whom God wanted to establish His covenant on earth. The family of Jacob way back from Gen 32 have always been under one attack after the other. There seem to be no unity or oneness between the wives and now the children.
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Jacob had a relationship with the God of his father because we see him always having an altar which indicates his commitment to God. But just maybe he didn't really carry his family along.
The family rivalry gave room for strife, envy, jealousy, quarrels, his two boys (Simeon and Levi) at a time even killed the men in a whole city. They had hot blood of vengeance flowing in their veins because their only sister was raped. All these I believe happened because of family rivalry and division.
The question is why didn't Jacob take charge of his family? Was he weak in that area? Sometimes our ability or inability to be a good father or mother stems down from where we were coming from. The truth is that we cannot give what we do not have.
If your father was never there for you emotionally or verbally abused you, you will do the same to your children. Let's break negative cycles in our homes and marriage and allow God lead and teach us how to raise our families. Be humble enough and seek God
Don't just say because you are the head of the family everyone submits to you automatically and you can never be wrong or make mistake or be corrected. Jacob was anointed and important in the agenda of God but he missed it in raising a godly family. His family had no particular order.
We see Joseph, the destiny child being so much attacked by his brothers because of family rivalry that existed way back in that family. Make your family a godly model. Start today by allowing godly principles and godly order to reign. Establish godly practices, establish family altars and service it daily, teach your family godly principles, talk to them about God.
Never be too busy for your family. Your family is your first God given assignment and responsibility. Pour into your family. Be committed to your family's well being. Speak blessing over your family. Bless your family and chart a course for them to follow.
God bless your marriage and family

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My family is blessed

Lord, lead me by your Spirit

2Co 4:13 (KJV)
We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak;
Speak over your marriage
Luke 18

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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