Episode 2

As I ran into the college building, I bumped into the college officer, Mr. Gbolahan. Mr. Gbolahan was popularly known and called Mr. Gb. He was a tall, dark and handsome man with an admirable charisma. He smiled always and had a very attractive aura.
He was a very friendly man who wanted everyone around him to be happy. He was also the first after Annabel to know when I was going to have a relationship with Shaye and he was
glad that I was going to date someone he knew quite well and could vouch for.
Shaye was my boyfriend in school. We were very fond of each other. Mr. Gb had known Shaye when Shaye was in secondary school but he knew me when I was a Jambite (a nick name given to newly registered students in the University) during registration and we became
friends over the years.
He was single so people actually thought we had something not knowing he took me more like a younger sister he never had. The day he asked about my relationship life and I told him about Shaye and my intention to date him, he was very glad. He told me Shaye was his younger brother from another mother and he was glad to have me as an in-law peradventure Shaye and I got married someday.
“Boom!” I hit the table to avoid colliding with Mr. Gb.
“whoa Derin, you’ve started your rough play again, at your old age” He said,
“Haba, Mr. Gb, na wa for you o, sorry I almost bumped into you, Bel was running after me”
I said with a smile and puppy eye which I always used to have my way.
Then I whispered “I snatched her MK purse. She just bought it, you know my usual way na” I said with a wink. Annabel’s name was usually interchanged with either Anna or Bel.
Mr. Gb only laughed and shook his head, then he said “Anyways, congrats on your posting, I saw Lagos, but Shaye was posted to PH o, Port Harcourt, I hope you know? And I hope you won’t miss him too much?” He said with a little mischief in his smile.
With mixed feelings, I answered “wow, that’s far!”
“Of course, I will miss him” I said in a low tone but almost immediately I said “but we’ll definitely work something out.”
Just then Annabel caught up with me and tried to get her MK purse from me, I immediately hid behind Mr. Gbolahan, we both giggled, then she looked at me, gave a surrender sigh as she shook her head.
“There is nothing I can do about you Derin, you can have the purse, just give me my money and my documents inside.” She said.

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